9 Savory Video Marketing Tips for Restaurants with Examples

Have you ever found yourself captivated by a culinary video, the aroma almost wafting through your screen? That’s the magic of video marketing for restaurants!

It’s not just the tantalizing visuals of a perfectly seared steak or the cascade of chocolate sauce over a dessert that draw us in. It’s the narrative, as always. It’s the journey of the protagonist answering the ultimate question: How did this dish turn into a masterpiece on a plate from raw ingredients?

When these videos capture the heart and soul of a restaurant, they do more than just showcase food. They transport us, even for a few minutes, into a world of flavors and sensations. It becomes less about mere consumption and more about immersing oneself in a culinary journey, highlighting the transformative power of video marketing in the restaurant industry.

Why Is Video Marketing Important for Restaurants?

Try to remember the last food video you watched. Maybe it was a dish being prepared or a look inside a kitchen. 

Videos like these aren’t just entertaining; they make us feel a part of the restaurant’s world. With most people using videos to learn about things and many wanting even more of them, it’s a bit obvious that videos are a big deal in creating successful restaurant marketing campaigns.

Diving deeper into the heart of marketing, the allure of visuals speaks louder and faster than mere words, transporting viewers into culinary tales. Videos not only evoke the ambiance and character of restaurants but also paint vivid pictures of a brand’s soul.

So, reading about a dish isn’t enough; it’s the sight, the story, and the passion behind its creation that captivate. Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, making videos an incredibly efficient communicator. They not only swiftly convey atmosphere and quality but also accentuate a brand’s core values. 

So we know how the right visuals can virtually transport viewers to a dining table, evoking anticipation for the taste and texture of dishes, regardless of the physical distance.

This isn’t mere speculation. Supporting this sentiment, recent data suggests that a significant 96% of consumers use videos to deepen their understanding of products or services. People don’t just want to read about a dish; they want to see it, experience its creation, and immerse themselves in its narrative.

But there’s more. 

A telling piece of research from Wyzowl’s 2023 study adds weight to this trend. A staggering 91% of consumers are not just interested but are voraciously seeking more brand video content. For those vested in restaurant marketing, the implications are profound: the craving for video content in the dining sector isn’t just present; it’s intensifying. 

The shift towards video in digital marketing strategies for restaurants isn’t a fleeting trend; it’s a seismic shift. (Speaking of trends, keeping up with video marketing trends is also crucial.) With platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube driving discovery for new dining experiences, the role of video becomes paramount. 

So in short, for restaurants, leveraging video is no longer an optional extra but a fundamental tool. It stands at the crossroads between being a mere option and the diner’s first choice. This escalating demand for video content offers restaurants a unique platform, not just to showcase a meal but to curate and serve a memorable experience, cultivating deeper connections with guests and fostering loyalty. 

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9 Savory Video Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Here, we focus on nine video marketing strategies that restaurants have ingeniously employed to leave a lasting impression. Let’s discover how these strategies can be the secret sauce to your restaurant’s success!

1.Dishing Out Signature Specials

Showcasing your best-selling dish isn’t just about appetite appeal; it’s about brand identity. Consider Joe’s Seafood; they showcase their signature meal, crab, with truly attractive videos Let’s see one of them from Joe’s Seafood’s Instagram:

2.Interactive Q&A Sessions

Direct engagement fosters loyalty. By hosting live Q&A sessions on social media and discussing new menu items, restaurants can deepen their connection with guests, making them feel valued and informed.

3.Educational Content

Beyond just savoring dishes, there’s joy in understanding them. Learning about the ingredients, the origins of recipes, and the cultural significance behind each meal can enhance the dining experience. This knowledge adds depth to every bite, transforming a simple meal into a journey through history and tradition.

4.Storytelling – The Restaurant’s Journey

Every restaurant has roots, a history, or a tale of passion and resilience. Fraunces Tavern embraced this by collaborating with a YouTube channel, Barefoot Vlogger, to narrate the century-old history of this place. Sharing these narratives deepens the bond with viewers, creating a sense of loyalty and intrigue.

5.Showcasing Events and Promotions

Events create buzz, and videos can amplify that excitement. Harness this potential with vividly promoting events like monthly salsa nights, weekly quiz nights, etc. By capturing the energy and emotions, you can ensure such events remain the talk of the town!

6.Seasonal Specials and New Additions

The world of gastronomy is ever-evolving and Joe’s Seafood keeps the excitement alive by introducing new dishes through engaging videos. Here’s one with an enticing caption fueling the FOMO of seasonality: “Crème Brûlée Pie – enjoy it while you can!”

Another delicious illustration of utilizing the flavors of the season for marketing comes from Galvin at Windows:

7.Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Diners always appreciate transparency, and what better way to provide it than a peek inside the kitchen? República effectively utilizes this strategy, collaborating with a YouTube channel to document a day at the restaurant to make the viewers truly feel the heat, passion, and craft that go into every dish. Incorporating interviews with kitchen staff or showcasing unique techniques can enhance this connection even further.

8.Highlighting the Ambiance

The setting often complements the meal. Galvin at Windows understands this very well and has beautifully captured their serene setting with a fascinating London view. 

Showcasing the decor, lighting, and even the melodious background tunes can set the right expectations and allure potential diners.

9.Collaborations with Influencers & Brands

Tap into the era of influencer marketing by collaborating with renowned food bloggers or world-famous brands. Such partnerships introduce the restaurant to new audiences, enhancing its reach and providing fresh perspectives. For example, Art Club Restaurant has formed a partnership with Four Seasons Baku to highlight their exclusive wine-tasting journey:

Tips to Evaluate the Performance of Videos

Navigating the realm of restaurant video marketing, metrics unfold like secret recipes, hinting at deeper layers of the culinary narrative. Beyond mere numbers on a screen, these metrics whisper tales of your audience’s cravings, dreams, and desires.

It’s not just about the number of eyes that witness the spectacle but the moments that truly captivate. For instance, viewer retention rates reveal the turning points where perhaps the story might need a little more seasoning.

The click-through rate (CTR) measures the video’s appeal. While great visuals might draw viewers in, sometimes the narrative might need a stronger invitation to dive deeper.

Engagement rates, on the other hand, reveal the heartbeat of the audience. Through comments, likes, and reactions, we discern the notes that resonate and those that perhaps require a different tune.

Weaving together these insights, refining the strategy becomes akin to perfecting a signature dish. The ultimate aim? Crafting videos that whisk viewers away, forging lasting connections. In a realm where choices abound, the right blend of strategy and storytelling can turn a mere spectator into a loyal guest.

And if all these metrics and data-focused evaluation tasks seem a bit daunting to you, check out our list of restaurant marketing agencies. They are ready to guide you through this tasteful journey!

Wrapping Up

As we navigate the evolving terrain of marketing for restaurants, video content emerges as a compelling storyteller, bridging the gap between the restaurants and their potential guests. 

So, the question is: Are you ready to narrate your restaurant’s story?