The Best Twitter Marketing Strategies & Best Practices To Use In 2022

The world of marketing is a very dynamic field where marketers constantly fight for a bigger “piece of the pie.” In this article we focused on the best Twitter marketing strategies for increasing followers and getting more from your company social media account.

It’s no surprise that as the usage of social media in every aspect of our lives grows, marketing through those platforms is becoming more important and influential.

New marketing tools and techniques are persistently emerging, and according to research, content marketing is estimated to be a $400 billion industry by 2021.

When it comes to Twitter’s marketing strategy, the past year was not the best time for the social platform. Especially in 2016 and 2017 when the platform was used to spread bad press about the elections happening in 2016. Abuse and bullying were present a lot on social media platform.

Effective Twitter Marketing Strategies for Business

Twitter, however, did react fast and implemented many changes that improved the situation of the social platform. They addressed the bullying problem and fake news, which is a very good situation for Twitter.

This makes the platform still important and a valuable marketing tool for every brand out there. There are some marketing strategies that can be specifically used on Twitter to promote a product and interact with the customers.

1. Use humor in your tweets

Brands that use humor in their tweets are retweeted and followed by a lot more people than others. This is the case because using humor as the voice of a brand makes people excited to re-visit the Twitter page and to share the news with their friends.

Examples of brands that practice this strategy are:

• The fast-food chain Wendy’s; they are using sarcastic comments while replying to their customers that is responsible for a lot of retweets.

• The mega-popular streaming service Netflix; they are using clips from their original series and making inside jokes.



• Spirit Airlines frequently makes light jokes on their Twitter account and put a positive turn on stressful situations.

These are some of the instances where famous companies use humor to cause a big reaction among their tweeter followers.

2. Keep up the creativity and visuals

Try to be as creative as you can, while at the same time giving personal replies as much as you can to your customers.

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Getting innovative with the content of your tweets and the visuals can really impact the feedback. Keeping the same format on all tweets might get too boring. Using visuals in your tweets makes people three times more likely to engage.

3. Keep it personalized

Customers want personalized responses when it comes to Twitter. People want to be acknowledged and are satisfied when they know that the company is listening to them.

Although there will always be a portion of customers that are just fishing for refunds, the majority of the loyal customers have valid complaints. What these people need is a sign from the company that somebody is listening and working on the issues in question.

Twitter gives the opportunity for a personalized response to the customers. This way, you can also resolve issues much quicker which is why this is the preferred channel of communicating with the customer base for many important brands.

One example of a great personalized response that draws a lot of attention was the following story about Morton’s Steakhouse and Peter Shankman.


Peter tweeted to Morton’s Steakhouse that he would like somebody from the restaurant to meet him at the Newark Airport when his plane lands with a porterhouse steak.

He did it jokingly, but to his surprise, a server form the steakhouse met him at the airport with the steak! The story blew up on Twitter and outside of the social platform which meant a lot of good press related to Morton’s Steakhouse.

4. Use hashtags properly

We all know how hashtags are effective in making a fuss about a certain topic or happening. Hashtags are often used in the wrong way which makes this strategy fail.

If you’re planning to include hashtags in your business’s Twitter strategy, be sure that you do it the proper way. You should only hashtag keywords or short phrases in order to put the accent on something important.

If a customer clicks on a hashtag, they will be able to see other Tweets that include the hashtagged word. They can be included anywhere in a tweet, and if you’re creative and your hashtag light up the Twitter community, it will be seen in Trending Topics.

These are just some of the Twitter marketing strategies that were used in previous years, but will still apply in 2022. You can also get help from the best social media agencies in London to increase your followers on Twitter.

Although the strategies are maybe more or less the same, the level of creativity, innovation, and efforts that companies dedicate to their customer base is what differentiates successful marketing strategies from the others. You can also explore best twitter marketing & advertising agencies from our directory.

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