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Content marketing articles including content marketing strategies, examples, tools, ideas and best practices.


The Best Free Tools For Creating Awesome Infographics

Introducing you to the 5 top free infographic creation tools that make designing an infographic easier than ever before! Infographics are smart and creative ways to deliver ginormous bundles of information in a tiny, digestible package. This form of presentation is gaining enormous popularity in contemporary digital media, quickly becoming one of the most popular […]

tips for conversion

How To Optimize Copy To Boast Conversions

For all savvy retailers, here’s how quality copy can earn you conversions and create a competitive advantage! When it comes to sales, it’s all ultimately a numbers game… The higher your conversion numbers, the higher your success rate. However getting conversions can be quite a feat and it all boils down to the written word. […]


What Is Native Advertising And Why Is It Different Than Content Marketing?

Here’s decoding the hottest, new, effective way of advertising!  Coined a couple of years ago, the term “native advertising” is now currently all the hype. Entrepreneurs, marketers and web publishers have endeavored to use this new advertising strategy to its incredible, full potential. Contrary to its popularity, the buzzword is still slightly fuzzy among marketers […]


The Art Of Creating Popular Infographics

What makes an infographic effective, interesting and shareworthy? In the world of today, with gargantuan amounts of data being rotated about each day, keeping up can be quite overwhelming. Infographics pack all this information in a neat, small and concise way using colors, charts, and simple fonts to present it in a way that is easy […]


How Content Marketing Impacts Your Sales Funnel

The best content marketing strategies, involving on-site and off-site content, can have a positive impact on your sales funnel. The days of flooding the internet and your website with promotions to lure in your customers are long gone… A modern technique to achieve a high return at low cost is content marketing – the art […]

sharable content

11 Tips By Experts On Creating Shareable Content

How to create shareable content? Here’s excellent insider tips by 11 experts that answer the question!  While there isn’t any one magic solution to making business content go viral, you should be doing everything you can to create the most shareable content as possible. This includes incentivizing not only your team, but also your customers, […]

Viral Content

What Keeps Your Content From Going Viral?

Dos and Don’ts of creating content that goes viral!  So you see it happening every day, how all of a sudden some video or content catches attention and hits the top charts. You get awed and try to imitate the effect. Every brand wants to create viral-worthy content that gets tongues wagging. However, it doesn’t work. […]

Best Time For Writing

Optimum Time For Creative Thinking & Writing

Optimize your creative potential by working at the time that works best for you! If you are in the field of marketing, creating great content and inspiring ideas is a staple. This requires coming up with catchy & creative ideas round-the-clock. Be it for thinking or writing, the optimum times for creativity differ from person […]

How To Create An Explainer Video For Content Marketing

How To Create An Explainer Video For Content Marketing

Explainer videos are useful to increase your conversion rates, clarify your product, and boost your sales. Explainer video is one of the most effective marketing tools that helps you to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Placing a video of any kind on your website will do a great deal for your search engine […]

content analysis checklist

Content Analysis And Checklist For Publishers

Content analysis and checklist is an important part of the content marketing for publishers. Great content is the key ingredient of a successful website and a successful content marketing campaign. The important question is figuring out how to create all the great content. The best part about content marketing is that it can bring you thousands […]

content marketing measurement metrics

Important Metrics To Measure Content Marketing

Content marketing can be one of the most effective ways to generate and convert leads and some metrics can be used to quantify the ROI. In a constantly and rapidly changing business landscape, the need to measure digital marketing success as efficiently as possible has increased in importance more than ever before. Although pageviews and unique […]

creative storytelling techniques

Creative Storytelling Techniques For Marketing

What is creative storytelling? Creative storytelling is an important method and an effective way to attract people to a brand. Creatives are storytellers who just employ different media to tell their story. Ads, videos, digital channels are used to tell brand story. In contadistinction to videos, static media have just space, words, colours and pictures. […]