How to Start a Fashion Content Marketing Agency and Manage It Wisely

Every fashion brand today needs a content marketing agency that creatively advantages social media, includes the latest technology and develops content that accelerates sales.

“The modern shopper’s comfort with digital channels and content has changed the consumer purchase journey from a traditional linear model to a complex journey across online and offline touch points. But regardless of touchpoint, consumers expect a consistent brand experience at all times.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Business of Fashion

About 25 years ago, entering the digital marketing industry was not only hard but also gravely naïve. Starting a digital marketing agency was a great risk. Given the fact that the market of the inbound industry was just setting its ropes. Besides it depended on a huge investment.

Today, several brands including those of the automotive industry to fashion and luxe, depend gravely on digital marketing due to the conversion-to-sales boost and of course, better opportunities for building client relationships with PR.

A Content-Centric Approach by Fashion Agencies

Building brand loyalty and engaging online shoppers is a never-ending challenge for fashion brands in today’s market. That’s why an impeccable content marketing strategy is necessary to give your customers a brand experience – that is consistent and ideal.

Today, what a buyer seeks from online fashion brands is a real-time and personalized experience. Your customer wants to be informed, inspired and most importantly, entertained.

Creating A Fashion Content Marketing Strategy

It’s necessary to build relationships with your customers through a great content strategy. Also, it is important for you to connect with the buyers on every part of your journey. This is possible through mobile and digital spaces.

There are numerous fashion brands in the market which are not only aiding to competition in products day by day but are also capable of stealing consumerism at par.

Derek Robinson, founder and CEO of Top Notch Dezigns, also advocates the use of digital marketing strategies for better content boost and increment in widespread conversions and sales.


How Fashion Content Marketing Agencies Supplement Business

In order to stand tall in the fashion industry, it is important to understand the authenticity and relevance of digital marketing strategies in the digital world, and exactly how you can strive to cater to them for the growth of your business.

Not every digital marketing agency is tailored to meet the grandiose needs of a luxury or retailing fashion brand. Fashion content marketing agencies look deeply into the inbound industry.

Also, they develop strategies that cater to both qualitative and quantitative data for building a conversion optimization framework.

A fashion content marketing agency should pride upon three digital marketing strategies for a mass turnout of a luxury brand.

Focus on Conversion Rates

Your fashion content marketing agency should have a conversion rate optimization team that not only caters to an e-commerce website’s copy or content of its landing pages but also takes measures to publish them in order to facilitate its user experience.

This team will also take the liberty of handling the website’s conversion rate by optimizing the content on it for maximum sales.

Manage Social Media Marketing

Your fashion content marketing agency should also pertain to a social media marketing team, which will possess the capability of handling your website’s ROI on various social media channels. This will help increase your website’s visibility, and will in turn; benefit your sales as well.

SEO Expertise for Growth

You’ll need an SEO or PPC content marketing team that will work with your social media marketing team in order to craft keywords or paid marketing ideas for maximum conversion and traffic towards your e-commerce website.

Tips for Fashion Agencies to Manage Content Marketing 

Here are some impressive tips on how a fashion agency can help create brand awareness, maintain loyal customers, and influence purchase designs.

Interactions and Engagement

As a digital marketing agency, your first and main goal is to build your client’s on-page visibility. In order to do this, you have to muster techniques in the form of campaigns that will help build your client’s user interface.

For instance, deploy the usage of a brand-oriented hashtag of Facebook and Instagram and ask your customers to display it on their social media with your product.

In return, you can either hold a contest or probably, have a user-oriented account on social media to repost the displayed content of your customers as a proof of your loyalty.

1. Focus on the Buyers

Content is a brand’s identity – providing a fundamental story and positioning of the brand to the buyers.

Fashion agencies help you create brand awareness and loyalty with consumers through content marketing. Always remember: Storytelling is the key. A potential buyer must know what your brand is selling.

2. Soft Influential Marketing

Want your client to lead the market? Soft Influential Marketing is the key to that. Create content which makes their consumers see the brand as an influencer.

This strategy helps in grabbing the shoppers’ attention. Your influence on them through content makes them accept the products. Offer Factor is a great example of a fashion brand which gained popularity through soft influential marketing techniques.

According to Salesforce, 52 percent of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t make an effort to personalize its communications towards them.

3. Social Media Engagement

What better strategy to build your client’s brand than social media? It is the best place to advertise a fashion brand. If you create content that is shared on your client’s website, this increases its visibility chances and ensures their brand recognition at a larger scale.

Help them make creative videos or posts that tell people about your client’s brand. Let the campaign or ad do all the talking about the brand. You can showcase trending fashion in a way that customers feel sentimental about a certain product if yours.

I suggest you take some tips from Kylie Jenner about promoting a fashion brand on social media. For her brand KylieCosmetics, she has focused her brand positioning to the demographics of millennials and Gen Z.

Her social media strategy includes fun and authentic content which intrigues her fans – is sales driven. That’s a lesson well learned to scale your business.

Get influencers for your client niche that will help increase their brand affinity. Kylie’s got Kim and Khloe, who have you got?

Use Algorithms for driving user data

Make sure you market your client’s website on social media channels according to user-centric algorithms and time. In this way, you will target your audience. Also, you need to market the fashion brand before an audience that actually cares for those products.

For instance, if your client’s brand manufactures and sells wooden planks, then marketing it in front of an audience that has no relevant interest or browsing history, then you might be wasting your client’s money and expectations with your efforts.

Embrace Instagram

Being a fashion agency, it is important for you to be where your clients are. Fashion is primarily visual. Therefore, fashion content marketing also tends to lean towards the visuals. There is no better place for this than Instagram.


You can help your brand create strategies that include attracting customers by sharing their selfies or giving them shout-outs on Instagram. We all want some attention and that’s what the brand is playing with.

Give More Power to Your Clients

A brand’s identity and its user experience both lie under customer satisfaction. If you want your client to stand out, you need to enhance the customer experience so that the fashion brands (clients) can associate with you.

What’s important in the fashion world is giving complete freedom to the customers to make their own decisions.

1. Improved Customer Service

In a survey, 54% of clients stopped doing business with a company because of bad service. Statistics have shown that a great percentage of people avail customer service options.

It is time your client begins to supply content which provides information and answers to all the buyer queries through a variety of ways and channels.

2. Email Marketing Personalization

80% of marketers chose email as the most important channel for real-time personalization. These emails can be about style recommendations, announcing your client’s latest collection, or top picks.

They must be attractive and highly personalized to make the consumer feel connected with their brand.

Being a fashion content agency, you need to deliver content that fulfils your client’s brand promise. Redefine their content strategy to optimize their brand experience for the customers.

Is your fashion agency offering valuable insight to your clients?

If you want to manage successful campaigns with the right digital marketing strategies for your fashion brand, you should work with digital agencies that are experts in the fashion industry.

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