8 Sites To Outsource Your Content Creation

How do you promote a product or service to the target audience? How do you develop and maintain the popularity of any kind of website? High-quality content is the ultimate key to success.

That leads us to a conclusion: a blog is the most efficient marketing tool you could think of. It gives you space to publish great pieces of content that bring you closer to your audience. These posts have to be useful, informative, engaging, and very easy to read. Those parameters seem simple, but the goal of creating efficient content is quite difficult to achieve.

What if you don’t have enough time to commit to content writing? What if you have no idea how to craft a piece your audience would like? What if you’re not a good writer, photographer, or video editor? If you’re facing any of these issues, there’s one thing you can do: outsource.

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In the continuation, you’ll find a list of platforms you can use when you decide you want to outsource content creation to freelancers.


The visual appeal of your post is extremely important. You can hire a professional photographer who would grasp your ideas in the perfect photos, or you can find affordable, but suitable photos on Shutterstock. The images the members of this platform provide are outstanding in quality and relevance.

If you need few photos, you can opt for buying an image pack that comes with a more reasonable price. If, on the other hand, you need to get different images for different posts, you can choose a monthly plan that will give you access to enough visual content for a reasonable price.

Shutterstock also offers image editing tools to its users, as well as curated collection and a blog with awesome tips.


There’s one possible problem with Shutterstock: too many people use it. Of course, it’s a resourceful platform that presents tons of photos you can choose from, but sometimes the choices are obvious and people have seen the same photographs all over the web.

EyeEm might be a better choice if you’re looking for more original photos to accompany your content. There are over 70 millions of photos in the library, provided by over 18 million photographers from all around the world.

Envato Market

If you don’t want to make great investment in visual content, but you still don’t want free photos that people see all over the web, you might like Envato Market – a platform that has a great library of extremely affordable images whose prices start from $1.

You’ll also find a great deal of free images, so check them out if you don’t want to pay.

Creative Market

Content creation goes way beyond writing text. It also involves different design tools that make each piece visually appealing. If you’re looking for the best design tools to use, Creative Market is the place for you. You’ll find great logo creators, as well as fonts and PowerPoint templates.

The products featured at the homepage are free for one week, so make sure to get the one you like before it’s gone. You can also hire an independent creator to boost the appearance of the content at your site, or you can pay an affordable price for the products that have been curated by the Creative Market team.


Now we’re talking about actual outsourcing of the content writing process. This platform connects you with professional writers from relevant niches. If, for example, you’re maintaining a technology blog, you can outsource the content creation to a pro with an MA or PhD degree in a relevant field of study.

The service is efficient because it delivers custom-crafted content with no plagiarism in it. You’ll provide your precise instructions and A-Writer will assign an expert to follow them. Easy and effective.



If you just started your blogging journey, you’re probably not ready to invest tons of money into the creation of visual content. Well, the Internet always offers solutions. At Fotolia, you can find royalty-free videos for a very affordable price. There’s no time limit to your license to use the videos you buy.

There are over 2 millions of video clips to choose from, so you’ll definitely find some that will be appropriate for the content you create.


If your script is ready and you want to turn it into a video, you can use Video Scribe – a platform that lets you create whiteboard videos for a really cheap price. You can choose from different templates and create fun and engaging video content that will add value to your site.


Let’s be honest: you can’t hire professional producers whenever you need video content for your site. Thus, you’re looking for affordable alternatives that will still give you the footage you need. Pod5 gives you access to a large library of clips you can get for your website. If you like what you see in the preview, you can buy it and use it to attract your audience.

Now, you’re ready. You have a list of great tools that will lead you to easy and convenient creation of text, photos, and videos.

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