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Content marketing articles including content marketing strategies, examples, tools, ideas and best practices.


Great Content Doesn’t Come From A ‘Sausage Factory’

Content, at its heart, is communication. Great content is communication that builds trust. I firmly believe that you get what you pay for— especially when it comes to content. And great content doesn’t come from a “sausage factory.” What do I mean by that? I mean that you can’t churn out a high volume of […]


Why B2B CMOs Are Struggling With Content Marketing

For B2B companies, content marketing is one of the only options left to support an outside sales function. Sales simply cannot get in front of enough prospects to make quota on their own. Salespeople are no longer the gatekeepers of information about the company’s products and services. Marketing has replaced sales in this role, and […]


10 Ways To Be Your Agency’s Favorite Client

We had a theory that the best clients to work with also got the best results. To test this theory, we created a Perfect Client Index (PCI). Last year, we invested time and resources to measure and study how our interaction with clients correlated with results. We just recently completed this year-long PCI evaluation process. Part […]


7 Tips for A Great Start To Your Brand’s Content Marketing

When running a business, there are some things that are simply too important to gloss over. A perfect example is content marketing. Thousands and thousands of businesses are clamoring for people’s attention, and consumers are getting better and better at avoiding it. They fast forward through television commercials, subscribe to ad-free radio, implement blocking software […]


7 Tips For Building A Content Funnel That Converts

With more and more companies investing in content marketing as a way to build up their online reputation and nurture leads through the funnel, it is only natural that more emphasis is being placed on seeing a direct return from these efforts. While producing and promoting amazing content is great, leveraging your resources to drive […]


Content Marketing in 2017: 9 Tips & Predictions

Happy New Year, everyone! For better or for worse, 2016 was certainly an eventful year, and 2017 seems like it will continue that trend. As content marketers, it’s our job to plan ahead and anticipate what the digital world will look like in the coming months. It’s anybody’s guess! I reached out to my EVG […]

video marketing benefits 2016

Video Marketing Is The New Black Of Content Marketing

Word’s out – video marketing is in. Here are 5 major reasons why you should incorporate videos in your marketing efforts! Quality content has always been a sure-fire way to lure your audience towards yourself and efficiently market your brand. In the past that meant writing a great piece of blog and being done with […]


Hook Your Reader: 7 Secrets Of Coherent and Cohesive Content

The two main components that are important in content writing are coherence and cohesion. What’s the difference between coherence and cohesion? Coherence is about making your content meaningful, while cohesion makes it interconnected. The term structure means the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex. A text consists of the […]


Why It’s Easier To Market To A Niche Audience

Niche marketing – also known as micromarketing – is the springboard of choice for digital marketing beginners. It’s cheaper to start, offers less competition, is a good place to build customer rapport, and gives you plenty of time to generate content. What Is Niche Marketing? It’s possible you’ve heard this term before. Niche marketing can […]