Transforming Double Dutch Tonics’ Online Presence and Sales Growth

Double Dutch Tonics, a premium beverage manufacturer, aimed to expand their online presence and boost sales on their website. They partnered with Favoured to achieve these goals, with a focus on enhancing user engagement and increasing conversions.


Double Dutch Tonics faced several challenges in the competitive beverage market, including limited online visibility, low conversion rates, and the need to establish a strong online presence.

Strategic Approach

Favoured implemented a comprehensive strategy to address Double Dutch Tonics’ challenges:

Content Creation: Favoured focused on generating high-quality user-generated content (UGC) and professionally produced videos to attract and engage their target audience effectively.
Campaign Optimisation: The agency conducted in-depth campaign optimisation, fine-tuning ad targeting, keywords, and ad creatives to maximize the campaign’s reach and impact.
Landing Page Tests: Favoured performed extensive landing page tests and optimisation on Double Dutch Tonics’ website. They revamped the site’s layout, improved user experience, and implemented persuasive copy and design elements to increase conversion rates.

Performance Highlights

  • 100% increase in sales in 2 months
  • 2.7X increase in conversion rate
  • 50% increase in click through rates

Region-Specific Success: The campaign performed exceptionally well in the UK market, showcasing the effectiveness of region-specific strategies in driving sales and engagement.

Content-Driven Growth: High-quality content, both user-generated and professionally produced, played a pivotal role in capturing and retaining customer interest, further validating the importance of creative testing and content marketing channels.

Key Achievements

  • Doubled their sales within 2 months of launching
  • Increased the conversion rate by 270%
  • Improved CTR by 50% through creative testing


Favoured’s collaboration with Double Dutch Tonics yielded outstanding results, fundamentally transforming the client’s online marketing performance. The combination of content creation, campaign optimisation, and landing page tests led to a remarkable doubling of online sales. The 270% increase in conversion rates and a 50% boost in CTR demonstrate the efficacy of growth hacking and ROI-focused strategies in achieving significant success in the beverage industry. Double Dutch Tonics now stands as a testament to the power of data-driven, customer-centric marketing.

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