News Corp Reshapes Their Digital Strategy In Collaboration With Isadora Agency

A first of its kind benefits hub that highlights benefits for each stage of an employee’s life. See how Isadora Agency created a transformational experience that makes benefits tailored and easily consumable.

News Corp wanted to reshape employee perception of benefits for all divisions. The challenge was to merge benefits for Dow Jones, Harper Collins, Wall Street Journal, News America Marketing, and Storyful into one digital experience that would transform what is traditionally underwhelming, into a modern destination that increases awareness and efficiencies.

Collaborating closely with teams at News Corp, their web design company crafted a multi-channel personalization strategy that allows employees to explore and understand essential benefits efficiently while bringing visibility to lesser known fringe benefits. The result is an easy and enjoyable experience that adds value.

Isadora Agency helps out News Corp to develop their strategy, web audit, UX/ UI, web design & development, motion graphics and CMS Integration.



Isadora Agency’s web design company performed qualitative and quantitative research to determine what key user groups are really looking for. Through this investigation it became clear that users found it challenging to find pertinent information, were unaware of many programs and primarily interacted with the benefits center to opt-in during open enrollment.

Compliments on News Corp’s benefit site – it is certainly the most visually appealing and comprehensive benefit site our team has encountered.

— LifeLock News Corp Vendor




With overlapping and sometimes exclusive benefits offerings for each business unit, the new website needed show each user only the information relevant to them. By requiring users to self-identify with a company and a program of interest, employees only view benefits information relevant to them.

Innovative Benefits Provider

A modular card layout structure was utilized to allow the site to scale while curved shapes represent benefit programs as fluid offerings. The web design company worked with News Corp to categorize benefits into groups clear to employees in a wide range of demographics, based on stages of life. By bringing greater visibility to valuable programs, Isadora helps employees and families achieve optimal work life balance.


A Fresh Perspective

The world of benefits is traditionally outdated, confusing and challenging to find the information you are looking for; Isadora wants to change that. So, they helped set News Corp far apart from the pack – with the new web product, visitors visually and functionally, see that News Corp is taking a fresh approach to program offerings for employees.



Interactive Plan Rate Calculator

Employees may also now quickly calculate the cost of benefits based on salary and plan of choice. The new feature allows the user to compare plan rates at a glance and lets you see your deductible for each medical provider and your true contribution.




The new modular layout serves up fresh bite-sized content enabling at-a-glance consumption of numerous benefits programs and resources with ease. Employees have access to more resources and are enticed to engage with benefits beyond outside of just the annual open enrollment. The experience has been so successful it is being launched international.