NOW Digital Developed a Customer-Centric Design for Bank First

Digital agency NOW Digital delivered a customer-centric design for Bank First, which is backed by data.

Bank First – Refinancing

Bank First was born when a group of 48 educators came together with a shared belief. After 4 decades of financially empowering educators, they are still driven by the same founding values and focus on putting their customers first.




At Bank First, they are invested in you.

As part of Bank First’s expansion into customer refinancing, NOW Digital was tasked with extending the reach of Home First’s brand, by designing and developing a new refinance section.


Customer-centric design, backed by data.

With a strong focus on providing customers with clear and concise data to compare and make educated decisions, NOW Digital developed a Home Loan Refinancing Calculator.

Bank First wanted to deliver a tool that was detailed enough to give their customers a clear picture of where they stood with regards to their home loan, with clear expectations of what the next steps in the process were going to be.

About NOW Digital

NOW Digital is an award-winning digital agency providing strategic thought leadership and UX-led digital transformation services.