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Best Virtual Event Platforms

We’ve put together some of the best virtual event platforms to organize your event remotely. Explore the best virtual event platforms whether you’re a small business or an enterprise.

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Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform for creative and strategic minds to brainstorm, collaborate and create everything they need for success, from customer journey maps to personas, mood boards, project management, wire-framing and more.

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GODIGITALEXPO is a virtual and hybrid event platform that hosts and intelligently manages online events of every scope and scale. It engages participants, empowers presenters and encourages targeted networking - ideal for a live speaker or recorded network-focused events.

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Accelevents is an all-in-one event management platform that empowers you to expand your reach, engage your audience, create an evergreen community, and drive sustainable organizational growth.

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  • agorify-virtual-event-platform

    Agorify is an advanced end-to-end true hybrid event management platform specializing in midsize to large complex events with multiple stages, engagement features, long event timelines, a large volume of onsite or online attendees and exhibitors and much more.

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  • attendify-virtual-event-platform

    Build successful events and long-lasting customer relationships with Attendify, a trailblazer in SaaS-based event technology.

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  • aventri-virtual-event-platform

    Aventri is the global leader in data-driven, end-to-end event and meeting management solutions for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

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  • bigmarker-virtual-event-platform

    BigMarker is the world's leading customisable virtual event platform that brands and agencies trust BigMarker to deliver customizable, interactive virtual events experiences.

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  • boomset-virtual-event-platform

    Boomset is the leading event technology for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Along with best-in-class support, Boomset provides an end-to-end solution for seamless event experiences for organizers and their speakers, exhibitors, and attendees.

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  • brella-virtual-event-platform

    Brella is an event platform for virtual, physical, and hybrid events. Brella is used by the largest events in the world to help attendees and exhibitors reach their business goals.

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  • butter-virtual-event-platform

    Butter is a tool built specifically for hosting engaging and interactive sessions as smoothly as possible. They focus on empowering facilitators and hosts by giving them all the tools they need.

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  • communique-virtual-event-platforms

    Host Legendary Webinars, Virtual Events, In-Person, & Hybrid Events. Communique Event Cloud delivers the most complete end-to-end event technology and services for virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences.

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  • eply-virtual-event-platform

    ePly's simple, scalable online event registration platform is powered by a team of experts, ready to provide you with one-on-one support.

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  • event-anywhere-virtual-event-platform
    Event Anywhere

    Event Anywhere is the all-in-one virtual events platform for more personable online events.

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  • eventboost-virtual-event-platform

    Eventboost is an all-in-one event management platform to manage: branded email invitation and online registration form, on-site check-in, customized badges and much more.

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  • eventee-virtual-event-platform

    Get the most from your audience with live questions and feedback. Eventee is a simple and easy to use virtual event management tool with a beautiful mobile application.

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  • eventify-virtual-event-platform

    On Eventify, professional event managers can create their very own mobile apps for all types of B2B events, conferences, meetings, trade shows, workshops, and the like.

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  • eventmobi-virtual-event-platform

    EventMobi's end-to-end event management platform makes it easy for event organizers to plan, promote, monetize and deliver engaging virtual, hybrid and in-person event experiences.

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  • eventtia-virtual-event-platform-

    Eventtia is an in-person and online events platform that gives marketers the tools to design unique experiences, attract high-quality leads, and build stronger relationships.

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  • eventzilla-virtual-event-platform

    Eventzilla makes it easy for event organizers to create a beautiful, professional web presence to promote their live or virtual events.

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  • heysummit-virtual-event-platform

    HeySummit is the best way to run virtual summits. From online marketers to brands, to think-tanks, HeySummit powers some of the world's most interesting summits.

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  • hopin-virtual-event-platform

    Hopin is the first all-in-one live online events platform where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world.

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  • hubilo-virtual-event-platform

    Hubilo is a global intelligent virtual events platform that brings Experience & Intelligence together.

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  • ivent-virtual-event-platform

    iVent has been developing and co-creating virtual events, webcasts and hybrid events of all shapes and sizes with their clients, for all kinds of organisations.

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  • meetapp-virtual-event-platform

    With MeetApp, engaging events can be quickly created, edited and distributed to attendees on any device.

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  • meetyoo-virtual-event-platform

    meetyoo is a market-leading provider for international digital events, virtual conferences, webcasts and audio conferences. With the help of their technology, companies have been able to benefit from flexible and innovative communication solutions.

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  • nunify-virtual-event-platform

    Nunify is an end-to-end Virtual event management platform and lets you host live conferences, product launches, virtual meetings, webinars & online courses with ease.

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  • pathable-virtual-event-platform

    Pathable is the leading provider of web and mobile event apps for conferences, events, associations and tradeshows.

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  • pheedloop-virtual-event-platform

    PheedLoop powers conferences, trade shows, and expos worldwide. All-in-one management and engagement platform for event managers, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees.

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  • socio-virtual-event-platform

    Socio is a venture-backed SaaS company that helps SMBs and enterprises optimize their events.

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  • spotme-virtual-event-platform

    From live to on-demand, SpotMe makes it easy to deliver digital experiences and event apps that your audience loves.

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  • streamgo-virtual-event-platform

    streamGo is a leading provider of online events, producing a range of webinars webcasts, virtual events and podcasts across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

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  • swapcard-virtual-event-platform

    Swapcard is a virtual trade show and conference platform, powered by artificial intelligence. The platform allows Event Organizers to virtually deliver what matters.

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  • swoogo-virtual-event-platform

    Swoogo combines serious event software with a platform designed for regular humans and a price structure built for modern events.

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  • tocca-virtual-event-platform

    TOCCA's flexible architecture helps companies design their own version of a virtual event or business gathering.

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  • vfairs-virtual-event-platform

    vFairs is a virtual event platform that enables organizations to conduct online events namely virtual career/job fairs, online conferences, summits, forums, trade shows, expos and meet-ups.

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  • webinargeek-virtual-event-platform

    WebinarGeek is a webinar SaaS company that helps clients to expand their business using interaction and marketing tools.

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  • whoova-virtual-event-platform

    Whova provides intelligent solutions by creating authentic audience participation and engagement and simplifying the entire event process from planning to registration, networking, and follow-up.

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Why Virtual Event Platforms Are Important?

Virtual events have become an increasingly more popular option due to the unprecedented times. While it helps organizations hosting much more events online, on the other side it helps event planners save their money and all the hard work they put into their in-person events. According to recent research, the attendance level at a virtual conference is higher than at an in-person event.


As traditional events need a proper venue, setup and takedown, staff, attendee’s expenses and much more, virtual events don’t need many of them. Besides so many advantages, there is one point we need to mention not being able to have face to face engagements with other attendees. As making connections with other attendees and speakers will be much easier in in-person events, audience engagement might be a bit limited in live stream events.


Another key point is because virtual events go online, attendees don’t need to run from training sessions to breakout sessions. Both attendees and the audience get the benefit as the event takes place online. From the attendee side, he/she can even connect via live video. From the audience side, if he/she can’t make it now they can access the event later its pre-recorded video even through the mobile app.


Lastly, while the virtual event platform can save you time and money, on the other hand, it gives you an opportunity to analyze and report how well the event went. Virtual event software also easily helps you collect the number of fruitful leads during the virtual meeting.

Key Criteria to Evaluate Virtual Event Platforms

User Experience

When it comes to virtual events, user experience is a key element. The platform itself needs to be easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate for attendees, audiences and even for third parties. The users can easily engage with the platform and also interact well with other users as well.



Each virtual event platform has different features. Thus, it’s vital to understand what must-have and nice-to-have features you need for your specific event goals. There are many particular points to consider, from event management to data analytics. Make sure that all features are connected with each other.


Pricing Policy

Most of the virtual event platforms don’t provide pricing information as to their flexible structure. Depends on your event and attendees size, prices may vary. Looking for ones that match your budget and event management requirements can help your event take place profitable and competitive.


Customer Services

Things can go wrong at any time whether you host in-person or virtual events. You need to prevent yourself from potential risks. That means you always need to have a plan b as the virtual events based on the technology. So, you should have excellent customer support if anything happens. Before investing in a platform, check the references about their customer support.



There are 4 main benefits that virtual event platforms provide are time-saving, money-saving, great attendee experience and data gathering. If you want to be more determined about your attendee’s experience, you should consider other benefits that support the event in a more engaging way. Like live Q&A’s, quizzes and more. So, the platform becomes more beneficial for both sides.

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