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GODIGITALEXPO is a virtual and hybrid event platform that hosts and intelligently manages online events of every scope and scale. It engages participants, empowers presenters and encourages targeted networking – ideal for a live speaker or recorded network-focused events.


From a fully branded event website, event managers can access a single sign-on dashboard that manages a customised event website, controls live streaming, schedules pre-recorded video broadcasts and integrates intelligent networking and video calling.
Delegates build their own itineraries, connect with speakers and are encouraged to use the delegate matchmaking function – a way to find and connect with speakers and fellow delegates that match your personal or professional profile.


Creating a hyper-connected and interactive event environment greatly improves event outcomes and significantly reduces participant event lag and delegate drop-off.


GoDigitalExpo’s intelligent use of speaker details and delegate registration profile data also guarantees a relevant and efficient online event experience.


Single Sign-On Dashboard
Customised Event Website
Live Stream Controlling
Pre-recorded Broadcast Video Scheduling
Video Calling