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Entry Level Price : €18


Zoho Desk is the award-winning, context-aware help desk software along with multichannel capabilities. Zoho Desk software is built to resolve everyday customer service challenges. It is easy to set up and broadly customizable. It has an intuitive ticketing view and makes team collaboration easier.

It packs all the automation and analytics necessary to scale to any volume of customers. It is widely extensible and offers integration options to connect with other business tools used by the team for context and continuity.

Their free plan gives you 3 users free to head start your operations.

Zoho Desk Features

Multichannel Ticketing
CRM Integration
Self-service Portal
Multi-brand Help Center
Call/contact Center Support
Embeddable Live Chat


Zoho Desk Pricing Range

15-day free trial is available.



per month



per month

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