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Zakeke is a suite of 2D, 3D and AR tools that enhances the consumer shopping experience on any eCommerce platform or back-end operations.

Entry Level Price : €14.90


Zakeke (by Futurenext srl) is a comprehensive suite of tools that empowers brands to seamlessly customize product offerings in 2D, 3D and Augmented Reality.
With 15,000 customers across 400 different industries ranging from fashion and jewelry to gaming, sports equipment, and home furnishings Zakeke can integrate with any eCommerce or retailer’s back-end to enhance the
online and in-store shopping experience while increasing revenue.
Zakeke is a SaaS platform that works in any sector of the ever-expanding ecommerce universe.
The platform may be used to customize any product in any ecommerce sector.
Cloud-based, cross-platform and multi-lingual to fit any store, anywhere, Zakeke is the ultimate professional Visual Commerce platform.

Zakeke Features

Cloud Solution
Products Customizer
3D Configurator
Unlimited Configurations
Zakeke Pricing Range

Zakeke pricing starts at €14.90 per month.



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