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TIMEFLIP2 is a human-friendly time tracking solution that allows users track tasks using a smart connected device. A physical input device for time tracking provides radically different UX, ensuring ease of use and instant adoption.

Entry Level Price : $ 59


TIMEFLIP2 12-sided connected polygon serves as an input device. A user can assign up to a dozen tasks or activities, visualised through stickers on each of the 12 sides. As you change between tasks, you flip the device to initiate tracking of a given task.

TIMEFLIP2 comes completely free of charge iOS and Android tracking apps together with a cloud-based Web app where recorded time logs can be analysed and filtered and reports can be visualised and exported. TIMEFLIP2 connects to your favourite calendar apps.

TimeFlip Features

Task tracking in direct or pomodoro timer mode
Ability to track offline, storing time logs locally
Tracking billable and non-billable time
Integrations with popular online calendars
Time data analytics
Data export in xls/csv
Open API for custom applications
TimeFlip Pricing Range

TimeFlip offers one-off payment option, when a client purchases a gadget that comes with a subscription free software. The gadget price starts at $59 for 1 unit and goes down with the qty


$ 59


$ 249

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