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ShelfTrend is the go-to-market research tool for the eBay platform analysing over a billion listings in over 20 countries. Trusted by over 60,000 brands and agencies since 2016 build data driven strategies that deliver client growth.

Entry Level Price : $24.99


The best agencies know the importance of differentiating themselves from the standard services on offer to from others in the ecosystem. Those that bring data and insight to their clients business objectives gain an edge in building credibility and becoming trusted advisors that achieve long term relationships and referrals for new business.

ShelfTrend is a cloud reporting service that generates a large amount of insight to predict what products, brands and categories are showing potential. Transforming this real time marketplace data and forming insights help agencies advise their clients on business decisions about a their category, products or international market expansion.

ShelfTrend Features

Automatic scheduling
Dashboard monitor
Detailed competitor data
Keyword analysis
eBay Search Rank data
Interactive data tables and charts
Export for offline analysis
Save queries


ShelfTrend Pricing Range

ShelfTrend pricing starts at $24.99 per month. They offer a free version.

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