Rainforest QA

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Hassle-free test automation for SaaS teams who want to ship fast


Rainforest QA is an AI-powered test automation platform for SaaS companies. With its intuitive, web-based interface, anyone can quickly create automated, self-updating tests using simple, plain-English prompts. Rainforest includes everything you need to create end-to-end tests, run your tests massively in parallel, and get detailed results.

Rainforest QA Features

Test Automation You or your Test Manager can use simple AI prompts or our intuitive, no-code framework to quickly create automated tests.
Test Maintenance Your dedicated Test Manager — accelerated by AI — handles 100% of keeping your automated tests up-to-date.
Generative AI Rainforest's AI Assist detects when your app has changed and automatically updates your tests.
Testing Infrastructure All tests are executed on our cloud of virtual machines running popular browsers and operating systems.
QA Expertise Get a dedicated QA expert to help you with strategy, best practices, and concierge-level support.
Parallel Execution Run dozens or even 100s of tests at once. On average, customers get automated test suite results in just 4 minutes.
Detailed Test Results Get AI-generated explanations of test failures, repro steps, video recordings, HTTP logs, browser logs, and more debugging insights.
Integrations Automate testing through your CI/CD. Get test status notifications via email, Slack, or Teams, and send issues directly to Jira.
Exploratory Testing (Add-on) A group of experienced testers, dedicated to your account, perform unscripted testing to find bugs off the happy path and provide usability feedback.