So You Have An App Idea – Now What?

The lightbulb moment has occurred, and you’ve got the winning idea for an app. Now, what do you do?

Let’s assume you don’t have the resources to develop it yourself and you need to outsource; engage with an agency. How do you know who to choose and what you need to bring to the table?

After more than ten years experience and Creative27 taking out the accolade of Best Digital Agency for Innovation and App Design in 2016, we like to think we are well-qualified to guide app idea holders in the right direction.

Turning your idea into a plan

Before you look to engage an agency to turn your idea into a reality, you must come to the table with a well thought out plan. We receive numerous requests, but we are selective with the work we take on.

If you don’t have a strong idea of what your app will look like, it is tough for us to materialize it.

Of course, if you’re not technical you may not know the technical aspects, but you must at least complete the following:

Write down your feature list – what is the point or your app, what problem does it solve, and how?
● Do the market research – what else is out there, is there demand?
● Identify the users/audience – who will your app benefit, what is their demographic?
● Identify the monetization strategy – how are you going to make money from your app?
● Create a rough sketch/wireframe – put the visual onto paper to start to see how it might look.


Identifying the agency to create your app

Now it’s time to find an agency to help you bring your app idea to fruition. While we could easily say to choose the award-winning team at Creative27, it’s important that you reach a decision with firm conviction, not just on a whim.

Here’s what to look for:

An agency that you vibe with
Finding the right app design agency can be like finding your life partner. You will have differences of opinion at times, and you need to be comfortable that you can see the good in them, even when they tell you things you don’t want to hear.

Knowledge and expertise
There are a variety of app agencies out there with a variety of offerings. Look for a strong track record and proof of success achieving what it is that you’re seeking. Look for industry parallels, as well as someone who can help with the whole process from app design and development, through to marketing. Not just one piece of the puzzle.

Someone you can trust
Once you have decided on who to work with, you have to trust them a little. If you have qualified them appropriately, you should feel comfortable they will take care of your idea.

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