Propeller Helps Gallio Pizza Re-Imagining Artisan Pizza Delivery in London

With lockdown in full swing, Propeller partnered with Gallio to launch their feel-good pizza concept from their new Mediterranean dark kitchen concept.

If ever there has been a time to be launching a delivery focused pizza concept, arguably 2020 has been prime time.

Gallio initially focused on a delivery-only concept to bring their innovative take on pizza to Londoners in lockdown however the site had to be built with the scalability and flexibility to be able to transition with the brands plans to add additional delivery locations, as well as plans to eventually open physical venues in addition to the delivery offering.

Given the timing of the launch of the new concept, it was imperative that the opening strategy was broken down into key areas to support the launch and build brand awareness, including a database growth strategy to facilitate ongoing communication with the growing community.

The site includes:

  • Dual partnership for deliveries, directly through Gallio with Slerp and also with Deliveroo
  • Carefully planned UX and design / UI to ensure a clear user experience
  • Optimisation around showcasing the offering and guiding users through key areas of the site
  • WordPress CMS enabling the in-house team to have control over all areas of the site and the ability to amend all content and images on demand
  • Digital storytelling elements of the site for inspiration and ethos firmly rooted in the Mediterranean, where sharing fresh, healthy, vibrant and natural food is celebrated

About Propeller

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