Emote Digital Plated Up Success For salt&pepper

salt&pepper is an iconic Aussie brand with stores nationwide and a huge online presence. Check your kitchen cupboards and Emote Digital is pretty confident you’d find something labeled with salt&pepper.

The Challenge

Initially, salt&pepper engaged Emote Digital to improve their paid presence. They needed ads that converted and gave them a strong return on investment (ROI). Their amazing product range and frequent promotions needed to be shouted about.

Next, they wanted this to lead into more organic and content-based work. This meant Emote Digital needed to improve their SEO, working hand in hand with delivering content such as blogs, range copy, and product descriptions.

Essentially, it was Emote Digital’s job to meet an ongoing agreement to both improve their site and bring the right people to it who ultimately buy from them. Ready to see how they did it?

The Approach

They started with social media advertising and search advertising services, followed and strengthened by SEO and content writing.

Emote Digital initially began with a focus on Facebook and Google ads. By quickly tapping into both existing and new audiences they established an effective funnel approach that ensured users saw a variety of ad formats, showcasing different ranges and new products.

Emote Digital wanted to show users content relevant to them, without overloading. This was achieved via all ad types across Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google Shopping, search ads, display remarketing and YouTube ads.

Following an extremely effective first quarter that saw salt&pepper’s overall online revenue triple month on month, they were able to re-invest in an SEO and content strategy. This involved on-page and off-page optimizations and technical work supported by a wealth of blog, product, and range copy.

Emote Digital’s input boosted the overall health of the site and quickly increased the organic exposure with added keywords and improved rankings for key segments. Emote Digital delivered a huge volume of copy with over 1000 product descriptions written in their new quirky, personable tone of voice.


The Outcomes

Overall, salt&pepper’s monthly online revenue tripled across 12 months of working together. By engaging with Emote Digital, they were ultimately able to gain ground on their competitors and come off the back of a global pandemic in great shape.

  • With on-brand, appealing design and copy Emote Digital ensured Facebook ads had an average of 9.76x ROI across 12 months
  • By implementing carefully written and targeted Google ads they reached an average of 7.06x ROI across 12 months
  • SEO saw a 34% increase in ranking for their top 20 keywords (3 month period vs. previous 3 months)
  • Organic revenue increased by 18.9% as a result of our SEO service (3 month period vs. previous 3 months)
  • Content writing and SEO working harmoniously together meant that the increase in keywords salt&pepper ranked for went up by 25% (3 month period vs. previous 3 months)

Emote Digital helped salt&pepper be seen by the right people. Then made sure they were impressed with what they saw, enough to buy, and buy again.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital has been delivering integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001 offering in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and digital marketing services.