7 New Features in Google Analytics 4 to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Google Analytics 4 may not be everyone’s favourite platform, but there are a number of new features in GA4 worth keeping an eye on in 2023 that may just change your mind.

Due to a wide range of functionality problems, the launch of Google Analytics 4 was a bit of a damp squib. And it certainly wasn’t greeted with open arms by many of the leading Adwords companies operating in the sector.

That said, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a number of new features in Google Analytics 4 to get excited about. If anything, this lukewarm reaction has forced Google to up its game somewhat.

So, I thought, I’d look at the top 7 features in Google Analytics 4 that could change your mind about the platform in 2023.

GA4 Feature No.1: Predictive Analysis

When Google Analytics 4 was hailed as the ‘future of Google Analytics,’ everyone in the Google Ads community swooned with excitement. Unfortunately, this early optimism soon wavered and discontent grew.

Predictive analytics is Google’s latest way of trying to flex its machine learning muscle and put hundreds of hours of research to good use.

When you set up purchase events, Google starts gathering the data necessary to create predictive audiences for users. Indeed, only when this programme has finished its data mining mission does predictive analytics truly come into practise.

Once populated, you are able to use the predictive audiences as comparative benchmarks in your analysis.

Predictive analytics is one of the most talked about and highly anticipated new features in GA4, and for good reason.

GA4 Feature No.2: Anomaly Detection

Speaking of Google flexing its muscles; anomaly detection is another example of the platform exemplifying its prowess when it comes to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Anomalies are detected when Google believes something was going to happen on your site, but ultimately didn’t. Thanks to anomaly detection, Google has eliminated the need for you to determine if something that didn’t take place was, in fact, significant.

Furthermore, in Explorations, you are able to activate anomaly detection for line graphs. In doing so, Google produces a detailed graph that sets the sensitivity of the anomaly and the learning period needed to address it.

GA4 Feature No.3: Custom Reporting

When discussing graphs, it’s worth considering that in the new look GA4, Google Ads specialists are granted access to Explorations, which I briefly touched on previously.

Explorations enables you to create detailed custom reports. These reports can also be displayed like an Excel spreadsheet and presented with multiple tabs of unique data.

With Explorations and custom reporting, you can exchange reports much more readily. You can print reports or download them as both an Excel or PDF spreadsheet.

There’s no denying that by producing outstanding reports, you will be seen as a more accomplished agency. Just check out our Trustpilot reviews if you don’t believe me.

That said, this new GA4 feature will make reporting seamless in 2023.

GA4 Feature No.4: Track 300+ Events

Thanks to Google Analytics 4, you can now create and track over 300 events. You can also create and track up to 300 of these events per property.

Using analytics programmes should be easy, and you shouldn’t need to be a web developer to manoeuvre around the interface. Luckily, Google Analytics 4 is easy to master.

This new feature in Google Analytics 4 will meet all your tracking needs, whether that’s tracking events or enhancing your measurement needs.

GA4 Feature No.5: Use Segments Once

One of the main pitfalls of the previous iteration of Google Analytics was that every time you wanted to filter an audience, you had to create a segment.

Albeit, creating the segment wasn’t the issue. It was the fact that the segment was then saved and sorted until you deleted it – which most people failed to do.

In Google Analytics 4, you can now create audience segments without having to save them. You do this by using the ‘Comparisons’ tool.

You can also still create permanent audience segments. You do this by creating a segment in Explorations and selecting ‘Build Audience’ before saving it.

GA4 Feature No.6: Track 30+ Conversions

Conversion tracking is another hotly anticipated feature that has been reimagined in Google Analytics 4. More slick and streamlined than previous versions, in GA4 you can track over 30 conversions, deleting as many as you like as you progress through your campaign.

And you can mark conversions easily in GA4 too. Simply suspend your cursor over a conversion and click the option that says ‘Mark Conversion’.

How you track conversions in GA4 has been simplified profusely, making the whole process much improved in 2023.

GA4 Feature No.7: Customisable Tables

Nobody enjoys sifting through pages of hard to read data. Google Analytics serves up a lot of its data in complex tables, whereas GA4 lets anyone with admin access customise their data and present it in easy to read reports.

Thanks to Google Analytics 4, you can dictate the dimensions and metrics used when presenting your data, saving that style of presentation as you go along.

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