Marketing Technology Specialist

Tapp Network is looking for a Marketing Technology Specialist to join their office in Delaware.

Employer: Marketing Technology Specialist

Location:Delaware / USA

Position: Marketing Technology Specialist


Entrepreneurial. Technology Savvy. Organized. Would you use these words to describe yourself?

Since 2012, Tapp Network has been providing marketing and technology solutions to mission-driven organizations that have challenges in their communities.

Our work spans the globe and consists of marketing strategies, media, event planning, podcasting, content development, inbound marketing, social impact technologies and a host of client-specific technological builds (from custom business applications to SaaS, to community impact apps, and a myriad of fun, custom software).

This Job Looks Like:

• Develop and deploy marketing assets within our technology stack (including HubSpot, WordPress, Custom Applications) such as website pages, landing pages, forms, email, and automation workflows
• Implement, integrate and provide marketing automation and customer journey roadmaps for our clients
• Collaborate with Account Managers and CMO in scoping requirements and needs to deliver impactful enhancements to our overall marketing technology stack
• Lead/partner with internal stakeholder groups and clients to ensure the systems and processes meet the needs of the marketing organization to plan, execute, and measure campaigns and initiatives
• Monitor all marketing technology for day-to-day operations, issue resolution, and overall systems management
• Participation in brainstorming and strategy meetings across teams
• Possible full-remote or in-office
• Work flexible hours to work with clients across the USA

We Need You To:

• Be the In-house expert on technical configuration, integration, and coordination of our Marketing Automation Platforms and programs such as HubSpot, AirTable, and Zapier
• Understand the need for integration of systems, messaging, and reporting/analytics
• Understand how to effectively lead teams and communicate with leadership
• Communicate clearly with team members and clients
• Present to clients in a thoughtful and organized manner
• Own your own equipment
• Always be learning, and quickly learn new technology and tools when needed
• Work efficiently and effectively as part of a hybrid team of in-person, remote, and contract roles
• Lots of collaboration and asking, “How can we do this better?”

In this job you will be responsible for:

• Developing a timeline around each deliverable within a client program
• Understanding the strategic vision of the client or deliverable
• Ensuring that projects are on time and on budget
• Interacting with account resources on client deliverables.
• Being self-motivated and constantly learning – we expect our team to grow, learn, and teach us just as much as we can help you grow
• Identifying efficiency opportunities
• Interacting with clients on status calls in partnership with account resources
• Providing feedback to the internal team based upon skill strengths (content, creative, strategy) and contribute to the end goal/deliverable
• Creating or enhance processes for scalability
• Documentation of custom processes
• Training and onboarding of resources and teams- Play a mentorship role
• Guide key employees in the execution of their duties when necessary
• Ensure constant honing of your own and your team’s skills
• Heavily focused on the delivery of quality work and a thorough QA process for internal and client deliverables
• Create clear, easy-to-understand phrasing to communicate for internal and external needs
• Utilizing clear verbal and written communications both in-person and through project tools to keep clients and internal project stakeholders well informed
• Be an internal and external face of Tapp Network and a team player and leader

Your background should include:

• Efficiency and near-expert understanding of common digital marketing technologies – Hubspot, WordPress, Salesforce experience preferred
• Understanding of database/data structure
• HTML/CSS/JS development a plus
• Project management experience

You’ll Work Well With Us If You Are:

• Entrepreneurial- Working remotely means you need to work well on your own without micromanaging.
• Organized- Ability to project manage is a huge asset, but at the minimum, you need to keep track of your tasks, time, and files without losing things or needing to be asked several times for deliverables.
• Strategic- You need to be able to see the big picture and create and implement solutions that work towards and support our client’s goals.
• Proactive- With new opportunities come new obstacles. Our agency is growing quickly and we don’t always have the best solutions to every problem, which is why we look for problem-solvers to suggest new ideas, and to jump in when they see things that get overlooked.

Application Question:

Do you have Hubspot experience? And any certifications?

Work Location:

• Fully Remote
• One location
• Multiple locations


• Health insurance
• Dental insurance
• Vision insurance
• Paid time off
• Flexible schedule

The agency is always busy and on the lookout for talented people to work with! Come talk with us.

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