Popular Digital Agency Job Titles For Your Consideration In 2022

Almost a decade ago, there weren’t any job titles such as Social Media Editor, Social Media or SEO Manager. Internet’s unstoppable rising and social media platforms’ explosion have led up to a new era.

The traditional marketing tools like television, newspaper advertising or billboards are still in practice, but the existence of the Internet introduced both consumers and brands with Digital Marketing. The number of digital agencies has gradually increased, and new digital agency job titles and positions have become available.

Digital marketing has become popular on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Specific aspects of traditional marketing had shifted. Companies began to promote their products or services on social media channels. Customers’ habits started to change rapidly, and digital agencies began to develop strategies to respond to them.

Internet and social medium’ existence triggered the newest kind of marketing strategy called “content marketing”. Unlike the aggressive sales in traditional marketing, content marketing aims to create awareness and draws customers’ attention by raising interest through blogs, social media posts, and newsletters.

In order to be effective, marketers collaborate with market analysts to define target audiences and consumer needs. Then they use social media platforms and SEO/SEM to spread their brand messages and educate their consumers.

We can group agencies into two broad categories: full-service agencies and specialized agencies. They branch off of their specialization such as branding agency, digital agency, design-focused agency, social media agency, direct marketing agency, etc.

Digital marketing may now seem superior to print-based techniques, but the core principles and skills remain the same. If you plan to apply for a digital agency position, you need to spare some time to review your skills. By this means, you can emphasize the ones you have in your resume or cover letter.

Anyone who has a degree in marketing, communications, or something similar and passion for data can apply for a digital agency job. If you think you have good communicational and written skills, experience in analytics and interest in copywriting and understanding of how brand and design go hand in hand, the digital marketing field might be suitable for you.

Job specifications vary based on industries, but mainly you will be expected to spend your time creating and managing online campaigns, running paid ads or managing social media accounts.

Here are the five skills you should be sharpening before you send out your CVs:

  • SEO:

SEO is a complex science. You should be familiar with monitoring tools, structured data, voice search and mobile search optimization. Knowing the benefits and practices of SEO will make you a better digital marketer and teammate. Learning SEO will provide you confidently and effectively take actions and make directions to others whenever needed.

  • Content Marketing:

Content is still king. The content job is evolving rapidly. Companies look out for people who can deliver creative and engaging content. When you get better at content, you also getting better at SEO. If you can deliver good content and know how to market it, the chances of it going viral increases.

  • Social Media Management:

You shouldn’t ignore the massive impact that social media has on the Internet and job of digital marketing. Social media is the center of attraction and interaction for people. They use it for both browsing and shopping. By 2022, 3 billion people are expected to be the member of social media. You need to focus on community management, customer service, and engagement in ephemeral contents (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat).

  • Video:

Every day, millions of people watching videos online. Video is the last frontier technology trend to keep up. Learning hardware, basic techniques of filming especially live stream video and getting to know editing programs are important. After you market your video on social media channels, you should adjust the video meta tags, descriptions and titling. These are helpful for your video to be seen.

  • Analytics:

A marketer should track key metrics to get the idea of what they could be doing better and how. You should focus on expanding your knowledge beyond the Google’s suite. For example, you can learn how to analyze eCommerce statistics and be ready for The Internet of Things.

If you ever consider applying for a digital agency job, you can watch marketing platform Marketing 360’s 7 step career advice video below.

The most wanted and popular digital agency job titles that digital agencies are hiring for:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist:

Digital Marketing Specialists closely work with clients to develop, guide, and operate their digital business strategies. They collaborate across multiple client projects, acting as an analytical leader and a digital media marketer. They also closely work with clients to examine the data to develop insights around user engagement, site optimization, and ROI.

  • Digital Project Manager:

Digital Project Manager is responsible for the day-to-day project management of various digital and marketing projects. This includes managing UX/UI design for web and digital marketing campaigns for B2B technology brands.

  • Digital Account Executive:

Digital Account Executives develop relationships with leading hospitality, by offering strategic and creative advice.  They also help the Account Manager to plan and deliver digital solutions and dynamic integrated marketing campaigns with an in-depth understanding of each client’s digital marketing objectives.

  • Digital Art Director:

A Digital Art Director is responsible for the design and execution of digital visuals used in digital marketing.  He/she creates designs for all media platforms, including digital communications, websites, mobile apps, and emails.

  • SEO Coordinator:

SEO Coordinator administers and manages all digital ad campaigns and SEO activities for their portfolio of clients. They are responsible for ensuring that all Paid Search deliverables are executed on time and of high quality, including campaign/keyword research and development, management and reporting.

  • Front-End Developer:

Front-End Developer is expected to be responsible for delivering beautifully animated experiences on the web with the opportunity to expand his/her skillset into a full stack position with a front end specialism.

  • UX/UI designer:

Creating memorable and engaging experiences is a UX/UI designer’s duty. They provide experiences that users want and the information that they need.

  • Social Media Manager:

Social Media Manager’s role is to develop and deliver exciting, dynamic social campaigns. Creative content preparation, community management, paid social and meaningful influencer outreach for the clients are other job definitions.

  • Digital Marketing Consultant:

Digital marketing consultants should be aware of how the internet is the most crucial marketing tool for brands and use it effectively.

The knowledge of how each social media platform and digital channel connect with each other and how these connections can be used for effective marketing is important. A digital marketing consultant should be able to analyze data and use analytics to determine how well a company’s marketing performance. We prepared a detailed guideline for digital marketing consultant job description.

  • PR Coordinator:

PR Coordinators are confident relationship builders who manage the public image of the companies or clients they represent, with the aim of increasing their media presence and overall popularity.

If you are making plans for your next career step or looking for a suitable digital agency job title that meets your skills, you might consider to check out our Job Board.

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