Business Development Manager

Studiovine is looking for a Business Development Manager to join their office in Bristol.

Employer: Business Development Manager

Location:Bristol / UK

Position: Business Development Manager


As a Business Development Manager your main task will be to establish and retain business growth opportunities. Primarily obtaining new clients and fostering business relationships to increase revenue from sales.


• Writing reports and analysing relevant business data
• Presenting findings to the team and executive members of staff
• Determining the reasons for profits and losses
• Assuming responsibility for the success or failure of strategic decisions
• Promoting a culture of growth through sales across the business
• Educating team members on best business practices and techniques for increasing effectiveness
• Finding new clients and promoting sales to them
• Identifying key accounts
• Fostering familiar relationships between clients and the business development team
• Following up on client leads
• Being knowledgeable about products and services offered by the business
• Selling products and services in person and over the phone
• Raising the company profile by attending expositions and seminars
• Suggesting new projects such as product development to tap into new markets
• Assisting with investment and financial decisions to benefit the company
• Being aware of market trends and competitors
• Complying with regulations and laws of business development
• Maintaining a positive attitude that inspires co-workers and clients to grow the business

Skills and Qualifications:

Leadership, Education, Charisma, Sales, Communication, Finance, Marketing, Report Writing, Spreadsheets, Problem-Solving, Independence, Teamwork.

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