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SEOmonitor is looking for an Account Executive to join their team.


At SEOmonitor – Hiring! SEOmonitor is looking for an Account Executive to join their team.

Who You Are:

  • A great team player that embodies these three main virtues: humbleness, drive and people smart
  • Passionate about moving projects forward, innovating, and improving
  • Accountable and used to measuring, in order to manage your responsibilities
  • Curious and looking for the data behind your opinions, so you can better leverage them
  • Open and genuine, capable of receiving and giving feedback
  • Not bullsh*tting; no buzzwords, “fluff” or corporate lingo
  • Used to getting more resilient when facing adversity

What You Need For This Role:

  • Experience delivering product demos for Saas companies or keeping client accounts in SEO/Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Flexible, coachable, and willing to make adjustments on the fly
  • Ability to responsibly follow-up on and improve processes (no micromanagement here!)
  • Not camera-shy, we’re holding many video demos for our clients
  • Excellent English language skills is mandatory

What You Will Do:

  • Work within the Business Development team to help our SEO agency leads understand the value of our products and how we differentiate
  • Qualify and process inbound leads. We don’t do outbound sales or cold calling
  • Coordinate and work with multiple departments (e.g. Product, Customer Service and Success)
  • Understand the pain-points of our trial users and deliver data-driven insights to the Product and Engineering team
  • Present our software in live demos, pitching meetings and feel comfortable with doing them
  • Keep all the client activity updated in our CRM/pipeline
  • Iterate with the team on delivering the best product demos and practice until you can’t get them wrong
  • Thoroughly learn about each lead and craft your best personalised email pitch


Remote first.

We’re a remote first company, so you can work from anywhere you want to. We do have an office space in Bucharest though, so you’re always welcome.

Workstation & co.

You’ll get a MacBook, noise-cancelling headphones, and the accessories you need.

Synchronous 8-hour work-day & 1h company-wide lunch slot. No overtime.

We start the day with a quick team check-in where we set the priorities for the day. We take a company-wide break between 13.00-14.00 (EST). We end the day with a quick check-out where we reflect on the day and say “Goodbye”. Then we shut down our workstations.

We don’t want you to do overtime or work on weekends. We expect you to do your best work within the 8 hours allocated per day.

30 days of paid leave per year.

  • 21 days as standard
  • 4-5 days for the company-wide winter holiday
  • 4 long weekends in August (Fridays off)
  • 1 day off for your birthday
  • We care about your well-being and have a strict ‘no contact’ rule during the holidays. Switch off completely

What You Will Not Do:

We’re not doing any outbound spam, or do whatever it takes to close a deal for commission (this is not part of our culture and it doesn’t help anyone). We don’t set sales quotas. We sell our product by delivering value. We also don’t negotiate the price of the product.

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SEOmonitor is the Agency focused SEO Management platform consisting of 9 products under 3 broad use-cases: manage, research and report.

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