It’s Time to Talk about the Power of Dynamic Banners

Generic, static ads just aren’t cutting it anymore. In this day and age, businesses need to continuously adapt and repurpose their creatives to stay relevant. You might think this demands non-stop work manually redesigning, editing and approving updates for your ongoing campaigns.

Think again!

Dynamic banner production offers a way for advertisers to boost engagement, enable more creativity and save a large amount of time in the process. The key to boosting display performance is to use dynamic creativity.

What are Dynamic Display Banners?

Dynamic banners take your standard static banners to the next level. Highly customisable and personalised through data feeds, these banners are designed to automatically update to display tailored content and promotions for everyone who views them.

Dynamic banners can be personalised through a variety of targeting vehicles such as geo-location, demographic and user behaviour. Essentially, dynamic banners give you the tools you need to create compelling and relevant ads – without the hassle of having to manually upload and refine your creative strategy.


We know staying relevant is key in marketing. Dynamic banners are powerful precisely because they’re efficient AND effective. You can choose to stay broad with ads reflecting the day of the week or upcoming events for improved overall brand awareness, or go niche and use targeting strategies to increase conversions.

Time is on your side in dynamic marketing. Firstly, time grabs our attention. You can use live-feeds to show existing stock for popular items or perhaps day-exclusive deals to create ads that evoke a sense of urgency. That’s why you often see efficient businesses using dynamic banners’ with features like countdown timers to advertise price reductions and sales.

Secondly, they’re efficient. A perfect example is through our collaboration with the largest national newspaper in Germany, BILD. By creating a link between their real-time news feed and dynamic banners, we were able to create ads that automatically updated to reflect every new news story. This small investment helped BILD to perform 40% higher than the standard creative.

Using Feeds to Make Your Banners Dynamic

Dynamic banners’ super strength lies in their autonomy. Interactive banner elements can be continuously updated through live data feeds to reflect real-life changes, such as countdown timers, scores and live events. Not only does this help A/B message testing for different users, but this also can solve the problem in otherwise lengthy processes like streamlining and localization.

Let’s break down the most popular elements used in dynamic banners.

  • Demographic: Dynamic banners take advantage of first-party data to adjust messaging and imagery for each individual viewer. This means that ads can be fed to people that take into regard several distinguishing features such as gender, age, and socio-economic status.
  • Geo-location: Geo-location uses data that determines a user’s location to tailor banners. This makes it a fantastic tool to drive in-store traffic or cater to regional differences. Often, dynamic banners that utilise geo-location draw attention to the location of the nearest store or make reference to local events to increase its relevance to viewers.
  • Behavioural: Behavioural ads target viewers based on their browsing activity, so they perform exceptionally well when your industry is searched. This makes it a fantastic way to personalise your business and get your product in front of the right people.

What Other Benefits Do Dynamic Creative Bring?

Dynamic banners provide incredible opportunities for advertising campaigns since they make use of all resources to drive conversions. Instead of displaying static banners across advertising channels, dynamic banners offer the most relevant and personalised experience for every viewer.

They’re Customisable:

With endless customisation possibilities, dynamic banners are a fantastic way to creatively boost engagement and conversion rates. Since it’s shaped by data, it allows advertisers to conveniently adapt content, promotions, and landing pages for each user in real-time – all with minimal effort.

They’re Adaptable:

One of the reasons why people gravitate to dynamic banners is because they fit in all with all digital marketing channels. Dynamic banners can synchronize with your product catalogue to make sure your target groups always receive relevant ads.

They’re Visible:

Dynamic banners actively target users with highly customised messages, meaning they’re most likely to purchase your products and get better CTR. This means that your potential customers can appreciate relevant ads, but did you know that search engines also positively respond to dynamic advertising?

They provide instant feedback:

When using the right adtech systems, including Google DV360 or Adform, advertisers can get access to real time data in an instant to see which creative is performing better, and can save large amounts of advertising spend in calcalculating which creative should run more.

In one of our recent campaigns for Universal Pictures, several creatives were shown in a period of two days to three different audiences. Over this period the performance was monitored and eventually two creative outputs were chosen from a possible twenty, with a 15% margin improvement on the dynamic display creatives shown. Normally this process would take days to set up and further days to analyze, yet with real time feedback and the use of optimal stopping this time and ad budget was saved to ensure a fantastic campaign was run.

In Summary

By making creatives with personalisation features, your business can boost its engagement with specific target audiences and increase sales conversions. Dynamic ads incorporated into a customised retargeting campaign can even increase brand loyalty by working with the wants and needs of target groups.

Interested in exploring dynamic banners in your marketing strategy? Our team at AGCS are dynamic banner experts with over 60% of our coding projects focused on dynamic display production. Let us help you!

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