Imagination Changes Everything In This Year’s Holiday Spot By Hyundai

Hyundai’s Christmas campaign reveals a small secret of Santa Claus!

Are you ready to watch a one-minute long, enchanting story for the holidays? We don’t see much in the way of holiday ads from automotive brands, but here’s one from Hyundai in Brazil that cleverly manages to insert the car into a piece of holiday storytelling.

The campaign is about a father who sneaks out of the house during a Christmas party to change into a Santa costume in the family Hyundai. But then, he’s horrified to see that his son is at the window, having noticed him getting his Santa sack out of the trunk. The wide-eyed child goes running to his mom to spill the news—that Santa has the same car as them.

Innocean Brazil and Hyundai’s Christmas ad doesn’t borrow from any of them, but it does come from a real life Christmas dilemma and it’s a charmingly relatable one.

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