Best of 2019: The Greatest Ad Campaigns And Projects From The Brands

Hola 2020!

As we step into the New Year fresh and clean, we are happy to present a compiled list of our favourite ad campaign moments from last year. So, Digital Agency Network proudly presents the greatest works of 2019 to remember a year of spectacular achievements and revisit some of the best contents.

You can read the whole ad campaign projects completely by the titles below, enjoy!


Slack: Say Hello To The New Logo


Cloud-based team collaboration tool, Slack revamped their most loved logo. The identity updates Slack’s familiar hashtag logo to work consistently in different scales and contexts. The beyond-successful work collaboration platform, has launched a new, buttoned-up brand in anticipation of its 2019 IPO. The new work, led by Pentagram, kills off the company’s longstanding hashtag logo. The playful plaid is gone, too. The new branding includes several big changes. The wordmark has been given sharp edges instead of its old curves, but still set in lower case, promising that Slack haven’t found what they’re looking for.

Mastercard Graces New York’s Gay Street With Updated Identities Thanks To Pride Month


Christopher and Gay Streets’ corner at New York’s Greenwich Village, passersby will see a host of new names for the latter road thanks to Mastercard. For Pride month, Mastercard has placed on nine street names in an effort to be more inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community. Titled “Acceptance Street,” rainbow installation is placed as a partnership between Mastercard and New York’s Human Rights Commission, that helped sanction the signs. With their Sonic Brand Identity project released last year, True Name is one of the most progressive works in every aspect.

Whiskas’ Interactive Voice Assistant MIA Imposes Kids Curiosity

Almost as cute as the real thing, MIA is Whiskas’ virtual-personal assistant is actually for kids and the brand told it’s based on ‘feline curiosity’. The device itself is designed as a cat, works using a motion sensor. When it senses that humans are nearby, the kitty assistant will start a conversation, asking questions about a whole variety of topics that kids will find interesting (some of them about cats) and offering multiple-choice answers. MIA is a 3D printed device and comes in Whiskas’ brand colors as white and purple.


Here Comes The Evian Babies, Encouraging Us To #liveyoung With The ‘Bare Necessities’

The babies are back with their #liveyoung purpose, plus dancing and singing rap in their spot. Evian continues using their tots in everywhere, promote to live young in many diverse ways and the babies have made a number of appearances in Evian’s advertising over the years. Just like in 2017, they sported oversized clothing for the brand. The iconic babies are back in a spot created by BETC Paris, the ad features a hip-hop version of the track, “The Bare Necessities” from by Jay Prince.

KFC Has Created A Spotify Playlist That Referenced The Brand In Songs


Named ‘Bucket Bangers’, the brand collaborated with digital music streaming service Spotify and listed 46 hip-hop tracks that referenced them. Before anybody wanted K. West beats, me and my girl split the buffet at KFC! Using famous brands in hip-hop and rap is nothing new but making them a brand campaign is something new. For a long time now, the likes of fashion and alcohol have received their fair share of attention, you know that recently from Cardi B, where she likes those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks… An interesting and original branding strategy from KFC, because we’re really sure that every famous person, brand, celebrity, etc. are curious about the song(s) that they’re referenced in. And using Spotify is another great idea for the project.

Dinner’s Ready! To Celebrate Italian-ness And Diversity, Barilla And GCDS Collaborated In A Short Film

Are you ready to have a fashionable dinner served by Sophia Loren? With the new “Dinner’s Ready!” campaign which uses the backdrop of a warm, family dinner to create an inviting, inclusive space for all. The video campaign also debuts the “New Barilla”, with a bright pink packaging meant to contrast the signature, original blue. The new fuchsia box also sports the slogan, “Where Home Is.” Even while having dinner, make it fashion. That was the vision for GCDS’ latest collaboration with pasta brand Barilla, two staples of Italian culture coming together in full retro technicolor.

Helvetica Redesigns “Now” After 35 Years


And “Now”, is the neue ubiquituous type! The Helvetica family has been used by countless brands and creative professionals, in millions of designs since its inception. To address these issues, Helvetica’s license holder Monotype commissioned a new version of the typeface, the biggest update since 1983. Helvetica Now come in multiple versions—Micro for small text like photo captions, Display for large format and Text for everyday use. The result is a better reading experience, as the design’s improved forms and more even spacing mean clearer communication.

PepsiCo’s Game of Thrones-Branded Mtn Dew “Can Has No Name”

Did you know that the only way to see this Game of Thrones Kill List is to buy a brandless can of Mountain Dew? Because of the final season countdown was on last year, Game of Thrones has all the attention in the market from Oreo to PepsiCo. So the new thing is from a soft drink brand. When chilled, Mtn Dew’s brandless cans reveal ‘Game of Thrones’ content.

Glowing, Glowing, Gone: Adobe and Pantone Created A Color That Stands For The Climate Change Over Corals


In 2019, Pantone announced that “Living Coral” was the COTY and on the contrary, the information is given that coral reefs are dying uncontrollably. So, the widely used design platform is directly addressing that issue with a new color line called “Glowing, Glowing, Gone” inspired by the vibrant but alarming colors created by some coral in response to heat waves caused by climate change. Creatives are being challenged to use the colors in codes #0029fd, #FFFF05 and #9007f9 to create attention-grabbing work across any medium to raise awareness of the existential threats to coral reefs.

Toyota And DOCOMO Announced The Debut Of Their Humanoid 5G Robot, T-HR3


Developed by one of Japan’s tech-giants DOCOMO, Toyota announced that they have successfully reveal the T-HR3 humanoid robot in trials using fifth-generation mobile communications under a test environment with control from a remote location -about a distance of approximately 10 kilometers- using 5G in an area between two points.

The Toyota-originated, T-HR3 with the aim of creating a partner robot that can safely support human activities in a variety of circumstances, such as homes and healthcare institutions. DOCOMO and Toyota aim to continue conducting trials based on diverse scenarios of robot use, and intend to research and develop technologies and services with the aim of realizing 5G services in 2020 and, subsequently, a prosperous society of mobility.

Dove Is Proud Not To #ShowUs Unrealistic Images Of Women In Media, With The Help Of Getty Images



Continuing its efforts on changing beauty standards in digital media, Dove released a campaign #ShowUs that supports diversity and inclusivity at the same time last year. In partnership with digital photo company Girlgaze and Getty Images, Dove has collected about 5,000 images on The project features 179 women from 39 countries and the photographed talents include plus-size, trans, diverse women and women with skin conditions.

Meet Liv, The New Virtual Ambassador For Renault Kadjar, “Escaping To Real”

With the help of Publicis Conseil, Renault’s first virtual ambassador Liv, is one of them. Created in CGI, she debuts for the brand’s KADJAR model – Renault’s first true SUV that perfectly embodies the essence of Renault brand, a company that produces cars for real people, their everyday lives and travel.

Small Agency Of The Year’s Winner Has Re-created Nike’s Famous Jogger Campaign In 2019

Ad Age’s outgoing Small Agency of the Year winner BSSP created a hilarious spoof to honor small businesses and this year’s honoree, JohnxHannes. Each year during Ad Age’s Small Agency Awards, the outgoing Small Agency of the Year hands off the winner’s trophy to the new honoree. Last year, Terri and Sandy celebrated the transition with a humorous video showing how the prize spent its year—and this year, BSSP created their own video.

At last year’s awards ceremony, President of BSSP Patrick Kiss has commented some advice to 2019 Small Agency of the Year JohnxHannes and presented this hilarious video. It spoofs Nike’s celebrated “Jogger” ad from 2012’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign, reworking the idea to highlight the noble struggles of small indie shops.

Samsung’s Latest Video Makes Picture Frames Great Again

Despite the greatness of the artworks, Samsung’s recent issue is about picture frames – and their big mystery. Spending a day at the museum, art-lovers are getting shocked about how the precious artworks inside the frames suddenly dissapear. A bunch of people, terrified, looking at blank frames where paintings once hung. The staff is alarmed and stuff, but of course there’s an explanation: TV When it’s On. Art When it’s Off.

To Celebrate Their 50 Years Of Self Expression, Calvin Klein Stars Kendall Jenner, Justin And Hailey Bieber In A Steamy Spot

Calvin Klein, founded in 1968, is celebrating 50 years of service, and is doing so with a limited-edition collection and the sexy, star-studded campaign including A$AP Rocky, Kendall Jenner, Troye Sivan and Biebers who just wed to an incredible ceremony. The social media-rocking anniversary campaign #CK50 show cases the brand’s compilation, including a mix of underwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and dresses, some of which are covered with black-and-white with CK50 monograms.

Take A Tour With Apple’s ‘Shot On iPhone’ Campaign With 16 Stars Including FKA Twigs And Travis Scott


Apple is taking us on tour again in the latest campaign of iPhone XS’ ‘Shot on iPhone’ and FKA twigs, Chai, Kacey Musgraves, Kamasi Washington, Florence and the Machine, Idles, Lizzo, Travis Scott and more are starred. As part of the campaign, Apple has shared behind-the-scenes videos to look at concerts hosted by rock band Florence& the Machine, singer FKA twigs, and jazz saxophonist, Kamasi Washington. The mini documentaries were shot by iPhone users, some with the help of additional hardware and software.

Coca-Cola Celebrates The ‘Magic’ Of Taste With A Pink CGI Tongue

The latest ad for Coca-Cola stars a pink giant digital tongue to evoke the beverage’s distinctive taste. The famous brand targets to show off its distinctive and memorable flavor in a new summer campaign that features a giant pink CGI tongue. The summery spot created by Wieden + Kennedy London, shows a woman transported by the taste of Coke back to memories of enjoying it on the beach, at the movies, on a ski slope and more — all accompanied by the supersized tongue.

Learn Some Jazz Today From Apple’s Latest AirPods Spot ‘Bounce’

To promote their new AirPods with wireless charging, Apple focuses heavily on music and the wireless design of AirPods, in a breezy way.

In the video, Bounce features an AirPods user moving effortlessly through city streets, bouncing off of everyday objects. Apple touts that “with wireless charging and voice-activated Siri, AirPods have never felt more wireless. The short film sees the user power his AirPods using wireless charging, specifically using what appears to be Belkin’s Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad. The brand released a Christmas spot called “Sway” two years ago, it also resembles this one in style. Seems like Apple is into dancing more than we could think of.

Burger King Makes It To The Duct Tape Trend And Makes Fun Of Maurizio Cattelan’s $120,000 Banana


Maurizio Cattelan revealed his latest creation at Art Basel in Miami—a banana duct-taped to a wall with the asking price of $120,000. Then, Burger King France makes fun of Maurizio Cattelan’s latest work, and joined the most viewed, #CattelanBananaChallange, complete with a theatrical blow from another situationist artist, David Datuna, who actually ate it. In his visual from the agency Buzzman Paris, BK compares the work and its astronomical price for one of its chips. Sold at a fraction of the price, but with infinite extra satisfaction.

Called “Careful what you swallow”, the campaign shows the world’s most expensive piece of fruit compared to one of Burger King’s very own fries.

LVMH Launches Their Holiday Tale Featuring The ‘Otters’

Loewe, the LVMH-owned Spanish luxury brand offers the surreal aspect of Christmas.

To launch Loewe’s new range of ready-to-wear and accessories collection, LVMH digitally filmed the 60-second short campaign, named ‘An Otter’s Tale’. The campaign is directed by Nina Gantz of Blinkink, who crafts animation with puppetry to bring whimsical creatures alive. The work is inspired by William De Morgan, the British Arts and Craft Ceramicist. The animation tale was running in cinemas, digital, social media and served as out-of-home.

IKEA Is Ready To Celebrate The Festive Season With Their Very Own Christmas Ad, With Their Very Own Rap Track

Sweden-based home furnishing retailer IKEA has launched its very first Christmas campaign for the UK and Ireland. A family is getting ‘heavily criticized’ by their neglected ornaments who spit bars that encourage them to defy home shaming. A little dose of mainstream culture, the ad plays a trap music that has recently made a resurgence by entering into hip hop for the first time. And who better to have on board than an artist that Skepta hailed as “the greatest grime MC of all time” – D Double E, who voices the gimcrack ornaments.

Introducing Its First Video Game: Burberry Launches B Bounce


Burberry has launched their first online game, B Bounce, in junction with the brand’s new monogram puffer jacket collection. B Bounce is designed as a playful and mind-catching game, players race a deer-shaped character to the moon, using supercharged Thomas Burberry monogram puffer jackets. Once the player has selected a puffer jacket for the character, they bounce upwards between platforms to reach the moon, gaining extra speed by collecting Burberry’s gold TB logos and drones along the way. Expect various prizes to be won, such as custom GIFs and the Burberry puffer.