Samsung Invites Smartphone Users to “Join the Flip Side” Before Galaxy Unpacked Next Week

Samsung’s “Join the Flip Side” campaign enacts a modern-day horror story: switching to a new phone! 😱

The launch date is almost here and the awaited buzz-creating digital campaigns of the brand is noteworthy. Alluring ads serve just a portion of the anticipated improvements and updates of the innovative smartphone.

The Second Galaxy Unpacked Event to Launch The Awaited Foldable Smartphones

Samsung to launch Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 at the second Galaxy Unpacked event of 2023.

The event set to be held on July 26, will be hosted in Seoul for the first time. The event will be live-streamed for everyone to watch, and Samsung is also advertising it at major landmarks around the world to reach a wider audience.

The South Korean tech giant is also expected to introduce the Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Watch 6 series at the event.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are expected to be significant upgrades over their predecessors, with larger, more durable displays and longer-lasting batteries.

Samsung is taking a unique approach to promoting the Galaxy Unpacked event this year. In addition to the usual online announcements, the company is also advertising the event at major landmarks around the world. This is a way to reach people who may not follow the news and are not aware of the event.

The Galaxy Unpacked event on July 26 is sure to be a major event for Samsung, as the company unveils a number of new products.

The Eye-Catching Follow Up Campaign to the 2022 “Join the Flip Side”.

The 2023 Join the Flip Side” builds up on the generic customer fear of unfamiliarity.

Quoting the main character’s monologue from the last year’s Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam lead campaign Join the Flip Side campaign: “I would never switch” “I love buying the same phone over and over again” The brand is fearless when it comes to teasing the “blind fanaticism” or as many say “brand loyalty” of smartphone users.

Always up for innovation, Samsung challenges the customers to “open up their eyes” and see for once what novelty has to offer.

In Samsung’s 2022 “Join the Flip Side” campaign for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Elena, a daily smartphone user, is captivated by her friend’s folding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

As she resists the urge to switch from her current phone, the world around her begins to fold and flip. Bodies in the yoga class, her sandwich, and even the menu at the restaurant folds, mimicking the unique form of the Z Flip 4. This resemblance underlies the practicality and success of the design. Because only a truly practical and good design will be repeated around life.

The more Elena fights it, the stronger these visual resemblances catch her eye. Finally she surrenders and trades in her phone for the irresistible Z Flip 4. Samsung’s “Join the Flip Side” puts well together the resistive customer behaviour when it comes to switching to a new smartphone and the familiarity and irresistability of the new Flip 4.

Welcoming all smartphone users Samsung loving and non-lovers combined, this campaign has made a splash back in the day and the 2023 follow-up is no less than its former.

A Relatable Day-Time Horror for Many: Switching Smartphones

Samsung goes with a scarier alternative to depict the fear of novelty when it comes to smartphone purchases in its Join the Flip Side parody horror.

The new ad is inspired by horror movies and creating a Bird Box-like scenery. It follows five friends at a lakeside camp who are warned that if they see the Samsung Flip even once, it will haunt them until switching to a new smartphone.

The friends are initially skeptical, try to avoid seeing the new phone at all cost. But they soon become obsessed with the phone once the Flip 5 catches their eye. They try to avoid seeing it, but the phones seem to be everywhere.

The ad ends with the friends driving away from the camp in a storm. They have accidentally brought a Flip with them, and they are all mesmerized by it.

The video campaign is a clever way to tap into people’s anxieties around switching phones. The horror movie setting creates a sense of suspense and dread, while the product placement is subtle and unobtrusive. The campaign is sure to get people talking about the Galaxy Z Flip 5, and it may even convince some people to “join the flip side.”

The plot of the ad is relatable to many people. The friends in the ad are hesitant to switch phones, but they are eventually seduced by the Galaxy Z Flip 5. This is a common experience for people who are considering switching to a new smartphone.

This empathetic approach resonates with everyday smartphone users, showcasing the allure and transformative power of the device. The ad’s director, Matias Rygh, said that the team wanted to create a “culturally relevant” ad that would tap into people’s “natural nostalgia” for flip phones.

He also says the horror movie setting was a way to “reflect the emotional journey of switching” to a new smartphone.

Overall, the “Join the Flip Side” campaign is a clever and effective way to market the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The ad is engaging, memorable, and relatable, which are all qualities that make a successful marketing campaign.