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How To Find The Best Hashtags For Social Media Campaigns

Finding the best hashtags for social media campaigns can be crucial for marketers as hashtags make it much easier for people to find and follow discussions about brands, events and promotions.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are a word, or group of words after the # sign (like #hashtag, #buylocal, #marketing or anything else). If you’re more technically inclined, you might know them as a metadata tag. They also let brands track the performance of promotions across social media. To promote the campaign, hashtags are used as a method for the brand’s customers to engage with the brand. Hashtags make a big contribution throughout the duration of brands’ special offer.

Hashtags are now used across the social networks, including Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Used correctly, Hashtags can help get your message across and engage your audience in a concept. Hashtag marketing is a primary method of getting the word out and reaching new channels.

Hashtag Strategies For Social Media Campaigns

Misusage of hashtags in marketing is easy. Using particular strategies to create hashtags that work helps in marketing efforts. Hashtags can be used to brand your business and marketing campaigns, catch real-time trending topics and expand the reach of your content updates.

1) Use brand and campaign hashtags

Creating your own catchy, branded hashtag is a valuable method for gaining brand awareness. For a campaign hashtag, the name of the current marketing campaign should be used.

2) Use content hashtags

Content hashtags improve the SEO of posts. They get brand’s updates seen by a larger audience on social networks. Categories of common hashtags such as product hashtags, lifestyle hashtags, event hashtags and location hashtags can be given place.

3) Run a hashtag-branded promotion 

Asking customers to post photos of themselves engaging the company’s products and setting up a gallery where people can submit pictures of themselves with a brand’s products using hashtag is a good way to attract attention of people via hashtag.

4) Host a Twitter chat 

Hosting a Twitter chat is another way to generate a lot of interest in a short time using hashtags. The brand serves as the moderator, asking questions, engaging participants and retweeting posts from others, resulting in a connected conversation that can be easily followed by anyone searching the hashtag.

5) Tap into trending hashtags 

If the goal is to accumulate new followers rather than create buzz among current audience, tapping into current trending hashtags can be appropriate rather than creating something new. The key is to find the most popular and frequently searched-for hashtags that are relevant to the audience. Also using a popular niche hashtag can get the post seen by a lot of like-minded people. Targetting the niche trending tags to get seen by the consumers who are also using the hashtag.

6) Keep your hashtags short and memorable

Instagram allows users to include up to 30 hashtags with a single image. But overcrowding the space is overwhelming—the goal is to grab attention, not lose it. Using related hashtag, searchable keywords strengthen the message and increase visibility. Using too many hashtags in a single update, irrelevant hashtags cheapen the message and users tend to associate it with spam.

hashtag tools

Hashtag Tools

Here are some of the best hashtag tools you can use during your social media campaigns.


It is a service providing relevant hashtags for free. It is used to increase the reach of what is shared and get some great content to share. With Hashtagify Widgets, using of hashtags becomes easy, it provides to stay updated and it is suitable for multiple uses.


It is a tool that allows you to use applications, and in many cases customize them, to create Facebook tabs, contests, sweepstakes, polls, group deals and more. Woobox is a powerful and effective tool for expanding the Facebook engagement and presence.

Twubs.com  and Tweet Binder

Twubs lets you register and discover hashtags. Twubs, the 5-year-old hashtag platform that aggregates tweets, pics and videos into a branded page is a good place to find disparate social media content all in one place. This website lets to register hashtags and give the authority to contribute information related to it.

Tweet Binder lets you enter a hashtag, then provides an in-depth report of actual conversations, retweets, associated images and links based on your hashtag. Once you get the results, you can categorize your findings by influencers, contributors or other media filters.


This hashtag tool searches for hashtags and discovers currently trending hashtags. Hashtag.org Analytics can tell you which hashtags are trending, faster and more accurately than any other service available today. It is good at showing you its use over time and recent tweets, which oftentimes is enough to figure out the meaning behind the tag.


TrendsMap shows trending hashtags based on location. It is the first application to provide real-time geographic visualization for Twitter trends. The application was designed to enable journalists and bloggers to spot and track emerging trends at a global, regional or local level.


TagDef provides an explanation of what popular hashtags mean. Tagdef is a directory of Twitter hash tags that displays the meaning along with recent tweets that have included that particular #hashtag. Tagdef focuses on a flow of trending hashtags, so the homepage is always going to display the most current words that are on the tips of thumbs everywhere. Five categories are offered: Trending Tags, New Tags, Top Today, Top this Week, and All Time High.


It is useful for a cross-platform campaign. RebelMouse can be described as a content aggregation platform that works by collecting all of the content you have created and placed around the social web and bringing it together in one location, making it easier for your audience to find and discover everything you’ve created, curated and shared.


Tagboard gathers text, video and image posts to deliver an overall picture of what’s being said around a hashtag. Tagboard uses hashtags to search for and collect publics social media within seconds of being posted to networks like Twitter and Facebook and puts them in a user-friendly interface.


Talkwalker is a powerful social media search, monitoring and analytics tool. It delivers in-depth insights on any given search term and sophisticated metrics on owned and earned media performance. Talkwalker offers highly flexible dashboards, APIs and reports featuring comprehensive filters and actionable social media insights that create strong added value for brands and agencies worldwide. It provides data for gender distribution, geographic distribution and sentiment analysis on hashtags.

Bundle Post

Bundle Post is a very useful content management system that lets to generate, organize, schedule and post content for hashtag campaigns. It also integrates with HootSuite, HubSpot, Buffer and other systems. The system enables to add RSS feeds, Google Alerts and other feeds where the latest content is ingested multiple times daily.


RiteTag optimizes updates for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the best possible hashtags for the brand’s post, then analyzes them to let you create a library of hashtags to use. To make publishing easier, RiteTag has an extension you can add to your web browser. Use the extension to schedule updates with your optimized hashtags from wherever you are.

Hashtags are a powerful marketing tool if used strategically to build audience. You may also have a look at the social media campaigns category to see how big brands are using hashtags during their promotional campaigns, contests and content marketing efforts.

These strategies and hashtag tools can be used to generate brand awareness and execute successful campaigns using the best hashtags.

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