How Growth Marketing Stacks Are Shaking Up Digital Marketing Agencies

The landscape of digital marketing is blowing up. According to AdAge, the number of digital marketing agencies and service providers in America has doubled since 2012.

From your college dropout entrepreneurs running web development services from their mom’s basement, to boutique growth marketing agencies, and marketing firms with 100+ heads, our industry is expanding and the competition is only getting tighter.

Then marketing automation platforms, inbound methodologies, and advanced strategies inspired by new technology capabilities entered the game, and savvy marketers started piecing these together to offer growth-driven marketing stacks absconding most vanilla service offerings.

From the best growth marketing agencies such as Webitmd in Los Angeles to top firms in New York City, the truly dangerous marketing operations are those offering innovative growth marketing stacks that burry traditional SEO/PPC operations in the blink of an eye.

Here are some reasons why growth marketing stacks are threatening the security of traditional digital agencies, and why businesses would be wise to explore their fit within a strategically designed set of goal-aligned tools and strategies.

Growth Marketing Stacks Force Goal Focus

For years now, SEO has been the most commonly sought digital marketing strategy by businesses. It is also the bread and butter for most agencies and service providers.

SEO is also the service most likely to get derailed when it comes to goal alignment, and that’s because most SEO service providers do a mic drop after content ranks well; conversion optimization is rarely looped into the task of cultivating organic traffic.

When organizations invest in growth stacks, SEO is paired with other traffic generation strategies using a goal focused approach with measurable reporting revealing exactly where conversions and revenue generation came from.

This adds tons of value, as companies are able to justify their investment while using data to further optimize the strategy in an agile approach.

With multiple technology pieces and strategies working together to achieve the same goal, losing focus is impossible.

Growth Marketing Technology Platforms are Extremely Valuable

Traditional marketing agencies have every reason to fear dents to their retention rate if their clients learn about growth-driven digital agencies and their technological capabilities.

When it comes to hitting high revenue targets, marketing automation is huge. Not only does it allow marketers to target precise audiences with custom messaging at the right time, it saves organizations time and money while offering high-level data that can be repurposed for campaign optimization purposes.

Let’s talk about data; the type of data generated from CRMs like HubSpot offers information on leads that gives marketers accurate, personal information in a fully transparent manner.

While traditional SEO agencies are only able to get a partial portrait from Google Analytics, growth marketing agencies have immediate access to the lead’s name, company they work for, the person’s email address, and their job role.

Marketing teams are able to see what channel of traffic the lead came through, and see every stage of their journey such as touch points, and re-entry points back into the conversion funnel.

Not only does this help marketers fine tune campaigns from audience targeting tactics to email marketing cadence, it shows additional value to the client thus instilling faith that their invested dollars are paying off.


Growth Stack Reporting is Measurable

One of the biggest objections companies have with digital marketing is that its various components are difficult to justify.

Brands spend thousands on organic strategies and blogging, and have no way of gauging value aside from page views, bounce rates, and rankings. But these metrics don’t lend insight as to whether or not they had a direct impact on conversions. Growth stack marketing reports do.

All top of funnel strategies like SEO, paid media, and social media are adorned with technology aides that allow reporting to show where converted leads originate from, and what their behavioral patterns were once they entered the funnel.

There is an abundance of value when marketers and clients can see which blogs played vital roles into generating revenue, which landing pages convert better, and which off-site articles helped organizations reach their sales goals.

Growth Marketing Agencies Have the Best Talent

The word is spreading; when organizations make the shift from traditional marketing service providers to growth marketing agencies, the quality of service and execution is noticeable right away.

Growth marketing agencies can’t survive unless they hire the best in the industry.

In fact, poaching talent from other firms is common practice. In order for growth marketers to execute strategies thus filling their roles at a masterful level, they must understand how all traffic generation, lead generation and strategies work together within the framework of technology logic.

They must also have an advanced understanding of marketing methodologies and know how multiple tools integrate and what limitations may exist for strategic executions.

Finding talent capable of filling these shoes is a tall order, and these are precisely the teams savvy businesses want to work with. More than 85 percent of our clients who left their previous marketing service provider did so because they felt the team lacked skills and never communicated internally between departments.

For these providers growth marketing agencies are impossible to directly compete against. With high-level strategies comes a caliber of talent that’s special and unique to our space.

Raising the Bar

Standard marketing agencies are getting shaken up because the bar has been raised.

With the growing use of HubSpot and other CRMs favored by growth marketing agencies, businesses are becoming more aware of the potential for investing in growth marketing stacks engineered by the best marketing teams in the industry.

Unless other digital marketing agencies are willing to grow and expand their service offerings, they will be struggling in the dust of progress.

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