Disney Announces Its First Marvel Virtual Reality Game

Disney unveiled its first Marvel Virtual Reality game that is called Marvel Powers United VR.

Their latest game, Marvel Powers United VR enables its users to meet their favourite superheroes like Rocket Raccoon (from Guardians of the Galaxy), Hulk and Captain Marvel. And one more: Deadpool is the latest addition to the roster. The new game is built for the Oculus Rift + Touch VR headset and other complementary devices.

Here’s the announcement trailer of the project:

You can team up with the other players while you’re in the game and you can use hand gestures to use your superpowers against your enemies in the virtual world. The demo has also showed three players working cooperatively in different parts of a level with limited movement. For instance The Hulk can throw his fists into the distance, catch projectiles, and hurl them back.

While, the game is not released yet, but it is expected that it will be released in 2018.

If you happen to pass by San Diego, Oculus is going to reveal the playable demos at the 2017 Comic-Con International on the weekend!