Dinner’s Ready! To Celebrate Italian-ness And Diversity, Barilla And GCDS Collaborated In A Short Film

Are you ready to have a fashionable dinner served by Sophia Loren?

With the new “Dinner’s Ready!” campaign which uses the backdrop of a warm, family dinner to create an inviting, inclusive space for all. The video campaign also debuts the “New Barilla,” with a hot pink packaging meant to contrast the signature, original blue. The new fuchsia box also sports the slogan, “Where Home Is.”Even while having dinner, make it fashion. That was the vision for GCDS’ latest collaboration with pasta brand Barilla, two staples of Italian culture coming together in full retro technicolor.

GCDS, meaning God Can not Destroy Streetwear, a Milan brand ready-to-wear and accessories brand 100% made Italy with a fun and offbeat look, acclaimed by a squadron of influencers and tops, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid in the lead. On the other hand, Barilla, Italian excellence with ancestral know-how in food. Together, they revisit the packaging of the timeless spaghetti n°5 Barilla, ultra fun way.

About the campaign, GCDS’ Creative Director Giuliano Calza commented,

I just imagined my personal dinner table, exactly like my life today with GCDS, made of enthusiastic and unexpected meetings as part of a daily routine.

The cast for “Dinner’s Ready,” directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, includes Italian icon Sophia Loren as well as models Nikita Dragun and Violet Chacki. The filming draws on vintage heavyweights such as Alfred Hitchcock and Douglas Sirk, zooming out on a diverse cast before honing in on the dinner they all share together. Cohen remarked on the whirlwind enthusiasm she felt for the project.





Cohen also commented,

One Parisian night I was drinking wine with Giuliano [Calza] when he turned to me and said: ‘Babe! Do you want to make a pasta advert?’ I thought why not, everyone loves pasta!. We said, wouldn’t it be great if we could get Sophia Loren? Next thing I know I’m staring into the feline eyes of the icon herself, as she spoke Italian to me, whilst I pretended to understand.

As “Dinner’s Ready!” points out with their large and star-studded cast, pasta isn’t just a dish for a near-broke college student. It’s a universal staple, both uniquely Italian and globally beloved.

The “New Barilla” aims to highlight pasta’s widespread appeal, and GCDS is their eager ambassador.