Designing Websites for Clients? Here’s Your Toolkit

When it comes to building, maintaining and promoting a website, there’s an arsenal of tools available to creatives. Finding the right tools, however, is another story. It can often be a case of trial and error until you discover tools that meet your business and client needs.

In this article, we’ll look at 4 crucial aspects of building a website – creation, collaboration, performance and security – and explore the essential tools that can help bring your clients’ visions to life and more efficiently.

Create advanced sites for any client

Whether you’re a full-service agency or freelance designer, everyone is striving for the same thing: To build creative, innovative websites that exceed client expectations. To do this, you need a fully customizable platform. With Wix, not only can you create at scale and accelerate the web development process, but you get access to advanced design features, striking visual elements and innovative video technology. 

For absolute design control, Editor X offers responsive CSS. You can define every element’s exact position and behavior of every element at any viewport with flex and grid layouts, custom interactions and full breakpoint control.

“When we first used Editor X, it felt like something we’d always wanted. I love it,” says Andrea Beaulieu, Creative Director and Founding Partner at Studio Linear.

Foster client and team collaboration

If the pandemic taught companies anything, it’s the importance of communication and collaboration. Remote working has been a challenge for many, but with more and more tools being developed to break down virtual barriers, designers, developers, and marketers are working together more successfully than ever before.

With Editor X’s Collaboration Suite, for example, teams can work on the same site at the same time with handy tools such as Concurrent Editing. Meanwhile, communication tools like live commenting and Get Feedback help streamline how you receive feedback from clients and colleagues.

Managing tasks is more straightforward too, whether you’re working on 10 sites or 100. Assign roles and permission, track tasks and reminders, and keep updates within one platform. 

Power great user experiences

We can’t talk about web design without covering performance. Today, users can simply bounce if a site fails to fully load within two to four seconds. Luckily, the industry has been emphasizing performance and Google’s CWV technology report provides good insight into how various platforms compare. 

Wix is playing its part in helping publishers achieve high CWV scores. Wix automatically takes care of site updates and reformats images, converting them to WebP to ensure faster downloads. It also develops tools in-house, meaning it’s not reliant on third-party developers for plug-ins that often negatively impact performance.

Wix users can visit the platform’s Site Speed dashboard to understand how their site stacks up. Like Google tools, PageSpeed Insights and Google Search Console, it simplifies assessing site performance based on real user measurement.

Protect your client sites and visitor data

Site security is top of mind for many businesses, and understandably so given the threat of hacking, malware and malicious software. Having total trust in a platform allows you to focus on what you do best: Building powerful websites.

With Wix, every site comes with SSL certification, enabling encryption and ensuring the right authentication and verification checks are in place. Transactions are supported by the TLS 1.2 protocol or higher and encrypted with HTTPS traffic on all eCommerce sites, so customers are guaranteed a secure checkout. Sites are also hosted on a global CDN that mitigates against DDos attacks.

Get a digital ecosystem in one platform

Ultimately, when building your next website, it’s important your tools are right for the job. Platforms that include creation, business and team and client management solutions allow you to work more efficiently, increase productivity and grow faster. 

Wix provides a complete digital ecosystem with advanced creation capabilities backed by secure hosting and robust performance. By joining the Wix Partner Program you get access to exclusive benefits for agencies, including revenue share from the sites you build, dedicated support from a Partner Success Manager, custom solutions depending on your clients’ needs, bespoke product training for your team, and more. 

 “The Wix Partner Program has definitely added revenue to our business,” says Harrison Baron, CEO of Baron Media Group.

Join a thriving community of freelancers and agencies today and bring your clients’ visions to life with Wix. Go to for more information.

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