Top 13 Inspiring “Meet The Team” Page Examples By Digital Agencies

As a digital agency, there’s one section you should absolutely have on your agency’s webpage. And that is the “Meet the Team” page. 

The “Meet the Team” page is one of the essential parts of your agency website because it shows that there is a team behind the work you do and what position the employees work in; it helps the people visiting your website figure out who to get in touch with. Most importantly, it makes your agency more human. 

However, sharing information about each team member is not always done by digital agencies. Focusing on the core values of the team on an “About” page while also highlighting what the team is capable of is another option.

What Makes a Great “Meet Our Team” Page?

The primary purpose of the “Meet the Team” page is to show the users what kind of team you are. Do you have an in-house designer? How many people are on your creative writers team? What sort of divisions are there? 

“Meet the Team” or an About Us page, when focused on team culture and skills, serves as a window into the heart of your agency. It’s a showcase of your company’s culture, values, and the collective expertise that defines your team. This approach builds a narrative around your team, illustrating how each member’s unique skills and personalities contribute to the agency’s vision and success. By highlighting these aspects, the page becomes a platform for sharing your agency’s ethos and philosophy, inviting visitors to understand and connect with your team on a deeper level.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Page

“About Us” and “Team” pages are usually the first places visitors check. The overall design of your website has great importance in luring your visitors into your site but adding a dash of creativity and showing that design thinking is your strong suit makes all the difference and boosts customer engagement with greater empathy. 

Using quality images gives the message that you put in the work to present your team in the best way possible. Also, tapping into the authenticity of your team members increases the value of your brand. 

Highlighting your team’s strengths and expressing your agency’s profile is always a good idea. Plus, detailing the responsibilities of your team members would be a great addition, as seeing the talents of your team might be something your visitors are especially interested in. 

Optionally, you can include the links to their social profiles, websites, or blogs, and you can also use organizational charts if you have a large company.

Creating a “meet our team” page adds to your company’s brand value. Let your prospective clients know who you are and what you do best. While doing that, don’t forget to let your team members shine with their unique talents.

Inspiring “Meet The Team Page” Examples by Digital Agencies

We have listed a few digital marketing agencies that created amazing “Meet the Team” page examples. Let’s find out what these agencies are doing right!


When you visit Crowd’s About page, the team invites you to get to know their “crowd.” Although the team website first may appear to have a simple design, when you view the team photographs displayed under the “Our Team” heading, you suddenly meet many faces.

The cards flip over and reveal more information about the team member than just their name and title as you browse through the images. You discover interesting details about the team members, such as their interests or series. Plus, 17 different languages are spoken inside Crowd! So it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most diverse teams you can ever come across.


NoGood’s “About us” page creatively sets the tone with a statement positioning themselves as a formidable force against competition. 

This bold message is complemented by a dictionary-style definition that defines the agency as the new good, exceeding expectations and setting new standards. 

Also, the dynamic photos of team members and the vibrant use of colors on the page collectively highlight NoGood’s energetic and innovative approach in the digital marketing landscape.

Massive Media

Massive Media is an independent branding and experience design agency with a great variety of services, such as branding, digital marketing, and web design. The Vancouver-based agency has a modern and elegant website. Their About Us section contains general info about the team members and the agency, including the services provided by Massive Media and their core values.

Unlike many other agency websites, this page is brought together under the heading “Agency”. They have awe-inspiring and professional-looking team pictures displayed at the end of the page.

The agency’s dog, Onyx, is also included in the team photos, and his title is “Chief Barking Officer,” which puts a smile on your face when scrolling.

If you are looking for successful web design agencies, we’ve already curated a list of the best options!

Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service digital agency that combines top-level strategy with implementation and technological capabilities. Their homepage creates a remarkable impression due to the parallax effect, and the same goes for their “Meet the Team” page.

Embellished with retro illustrations, a short, to-the-point design explains Major Tom’s approach and showcases the team. The page explains why you want to work with Major Tom and allows you to meet core team members. Straightforward, clean, and well-designed.


Together, a full-service and technically-exclusive agency, is a vibrant energy that is perfectly reflected on their “About” page through the dynamism provided by the color choice of the page design and the eye-catching images they used.

In their unique “About” page design, they highlight the seamless integration of artistic creativity and technical expertise. The “About” page of Together, effectively communicates their commitment to building strong brands and formulating impactful digital marketing strategies.

Moreover, Together knows the importance of defining their core values to provide a clearer picture of their mindset.


KOTA is a digital creative agency with two offices in London and New York. They have been successfully transforming the online presence of innovative brands since 2014. Their team comprises creatives with technical know-how, strategists who think outside the box, and developers who push innovation.

The website of KOTA is exceptionally well-designed and creative, with a splash of neon blue and pink. When you enter the agency page, you are greeted by a few words in which the agency briefly expresses themself, and then a pleasant video showing the work of the KOTA, along with the chance to take a small look at the office environment. Seeing the team having fun together both in the office and outside their work environment makes you feel much closer to them.

Finally, we see team images again in neon blue-pink colors.


Positive Vibes. That’s for sure the first that comes to mind when we first visit Seed’s “Meet the Team” page. The agency ensures us that they care about their team with a heartwarming statement: People are everything. The page features a simple layout with vertical rectangle boxes that include high-quality pictures of the team members’ smiling faces. Based in the UK, Seed is a performance marketing agency on a mission to grow for good and offer PPC, SEO, Social Media, UX, and email marketing services.


A Berlin-based agency, mimosa showcases a balanced mix of professional insight and team spirit on their “About” page. Their page design welcomes you with key information about the team which consists of a solid core and a global network of creatives.  

On this section of their website, they excellently demonstrate their focus, which in mimosa’s power lies in merging research, art, and technology. And these elements are clearly reflected through the “About” page design. 

They also emphasize their perspectives and aim to position themself in the digital world.


When we first enter the “Meet the Team” page of Luminary, a showreel video about them welcomes the user. In this short video, they fit some agency employees, the services they provide, and the customers they provide this service to. The agency also included a small detail on the About page explaining the meaning of their brand name.

Luminary describes its employees as “digital warriors” and includes them under the heading Our People, accompanied by high-quality visuals. While all employees’ pleasant and entertaining poses attract the user’s attention, they spread positive energy to the agency’s website.

Luminary has been creating award-winning digital experiences since 1999, and they mainly specialize in large-scale projects implemented with Kentico, Episerver, Sitecore & Umbraco.


Bleech is a web development agency that codes quality WordPress websites. Their solutions are based on a modular system, making them simple to maintain and extend. The team at Bleech defines themselves as Problem-solvers, Technical-Thinkers, and WordPress-Lovers.

As you scroll down, you can take a look at the pleasant working environment they have at the office. The Team page follows the same color scheme as the website. You may find the agency’s values and objectives by reading further into the website, which also contains a brief history of how and why the company came to be.

Search & Gather

Toronto-based digital marketing agency Search & Gather is focused on paid search (PPC), paid social, and conversion (landing page optimization).

Rather than traditional corporate images, the page features fun and engaging photos of the team collaborating, enjoying meals together, and showcasing their vibrant personalities in various settings. This collection of lively pictures illustrates a clear message: the team at Search & Gather enjoys their work and cherishes their time together, creating an inviting atmosphere for anyone looking to collaborate with a group that loves what they do, regardless of the location.


Baunfire’s “About” page outlines this Silicon Valley-based digital agency’s team’s culture and values in a clear, engaging way. 

It highlights their focus on professional growth, offering solid benefits, and paying attention to details. The page also emphasizes the importance of character, initiative, and humility in their work ethos, and how they balance intense work with moments of celebration and relaxation. This gives a well-rounded view of their team dynamics and philosophy in the competitive digital industry.

Redonk Marketing

Redonk perhaps has one of the most entertaining agency names we have listed so far, and their name is not the only funny thing about Redonk. Redonk Marketing is a digital agency focused on creating user experiences that build brands, deepen customer relationships and grow businesses. The Texas-based agency opted for a simple and friendly meet-the-team page titled “Who We Are.”


Firstly, a few explanations are displayed on the culture and perspective of Redonk. Then we see the team portraits that seem pretty normal until you scroll over them. Spoiler alert – The plain photographs change shape, and funny pictures of team members appear. Hover at your own risk. 

Wrapping Up

A creative “Meet Our Team” page is a wonderful place to show your agency’s culture and people. Use your creativity to add personality to your “Our Team” page design, as you’ve seen in various successful “Meet the Team” and “About” page examples. Adding videos, using illustrations, or mentioning personal details about your employees will make your brand more memorable. Professional photoshoots also have the potential to completely change the mood of the team page and take your page to the next level. Lastly, this is a great place to add job postings.

Don’t take the potential of team pages for granted, and make the virtual space of it work for your brand to shine.