Top 13 Inspiring “Meet The Team Page” Examples by Digital Agencies

If you are in the digital marketing industry, it is vital to add a “meet the team page” to your website. Visitors usually look for this page to get an idea about your agency. We see a lot of portraits and names, but the catchy pages are the unique ones that introduce their team proudly.

What makes a great “meet the team” page?

First of all, an “about us” page or a team page should help you to build a connection with your audience.

Visitors usually look for these pages to get an idea about your company.

Since the digital age encourages transparency, it is better to give more information about your business. Because trust is a key component of a business relationship, finding out more about the people behind the company can build trust. Besides, people often like human touch.

What’s more, some potential employees might be visiting your website. It gives valuable information about your business to them. Also, proudly showcasing your team in a professional way would make a positive effect on them.

Add a personal touch to your page

“About Us” and “Team” pages are usually the first places that visitors look at. Therefore, they are an important part of the overall web design of your website. So, you should use quality images or graphics that highlight your team and express your agency’s profile. Also, use an appealing design that suits your company.

Furthermore, demonstrating your employees and their responsibilities would be very useful as seeing the talents of your team might be something your visitors are looking for. Optionally, you can include the links of their social profiles, websites or blogs and you can use organizational charts if you have a large company as well.

Last but not least, creating a “meet the team” page expresses your company’s identity. While creating your company a personality, you are also increasing brand awareness and certainly, this is something that helps your brand to grow.

Therefore, we have listed some digital marketing agencies that created awesome “meet the team” pages:

  1. Mimosa Agency
  2. Pound & Grain
  3. Luminary
  4. RNO1
  5. Major Tom
  6. Massive Media
  7. KOTA
  8. Bleech
  9. Due North
  10. Redonk Marketing
  11. Search & Gather
  12. Mayple

Now, let’s find out what are these agencies doing right. Below are the agencies we have selected for some inspiration.

Mimosa Agency

Berlin-based Mimosa is an integrated digital creative agency specialised in branding, inbound marketing, research and consulting.


Their about us page is simple, but definitely attention-grabbing. What makes this page different is clearly the glowing neon illustrations of the team members. Also, we can find detailed information on each employee.

At the top of this page, there is a manifest of the agency, including their business approach. This is another good feature, because it lets us to understand the agency and their strengths.

Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain is a digital agency in Toronto and Vancouver. They have been providing creative marketing solutions since 2010.


Their “meet the team” section is also on the about page. Showcasing the company’s leadership team in polaroid style photographs is a subtle touch, but it makes a difference. Moreover, when you hover over a picture, it changes to a funny pose of them.

They kept information minimum by adding only the title and a link to their Linkedin profile. But the page is satisfying both with its context and visuality.


Luminary has been creating award-winning digital experiences since 1999. They specialise in large-scale projects implemented with Kentico, Episerver, Sitecore & Umbraco.


Australia-based agency’s colourful and energetic website design applies to also their about page. Since they have multiple offices, they also have a very big team.

Luminary introduces the team as “digital warriors.” High-quality photos of the team members draw attention. You can read detailed information about the people by clicking to their images.


RNO1 is a west coast brand and digital experience agency headquartered in California. Their motto is “Together, we can make waves.”


Therefore, RNO1 has a beautiful, ocean-themed website with soft colours. Their about page has the same unique style. They took a minimalistic approach and put staff pictures with only their names and titles. The “ocean wave” detail while hovering over the image is also a simple, but pleasant.

Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service digital agency that combines the top-level strategy with implementation and technological capabilities. The agency has offices in New York, Toronto and Vancouver.


Their homepage creates a remarkable impression because of its parallax scrolling design. It has a character and visuality that reflects the agency. The same goes for the about page. Short but to the point page explains Major Tom’s approach and showcases the team.

Massive Media

Massive Media is an independent branding and experience design agency. Their services have a great variety, such as branding, digital marketing, web design etc.


The Vancouver-based agency has a modern and elegant website with great visuals. Therefore, their team part has professional quality pictures of them. This section is on the bottom of the “about” page, under the introduction of their business approach.



KOTA is a London based digital design agency. From their Clerkenwell studio, they specialise in creative web design, web development, branding and digital marketing.

Lately, fluorescent colours are in the spotlight again. KOTA’s colourful “team page”, which is at the bottom of their “about us” page, is a great example of this trend. You can find detailed information of each member by clicking their animated photographs.



Bleech is a web development agency coding quality WordPress websites. Their solutions are based on a modular system which makes it simple to maintain and easy to extend.

Their colourful “Team Bleech” page reflects the fun part of the company. Designed with the company colours, the page comes with employees’ smiling faces. It is easy to find, just scroll down the page and it is under the “Agency Profile” section.

Due North

Due North is a digital marketing agency with broad industry experience located in Melbourne. They help companies to grow and generate more profit at lower costs. The agency prefers to use a simple and minimal design on their website.


The black&white photographs of the team create a professional and clean impression. Besides, you can read detailed personal info about the team members by clicking to the pictures.

Redonk Marketing

Redonk Marketing is a digital agency focused on creating user experiences that build brands, deepen customer relationships and grow businesses.

The Texas-based agency opted for a simple and friendly meet the team page titled “who we are”. Firstly, we see some paragraphs on Redonk’s culture agency. They tell their business approach before showcasing the people.


The team portraits have titles and short introduction including a fun fact about the person. Also, don’t forget to hover over the pictures to see their funny pictures!

Search & Gather

Search & Gather is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency. They are focused on paid search (PPC), paid social, and conversion (landing page optimization).



Mayple helps businesses grow by assuring their marketing budget is invested in the right places, managed by the right experts and increasingly generates sales & profit.


They have offices in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Nottingham and Newcastle. Smiling faces in the team picture speaks for itself. Very lovely team to work with!

A creative meet the team page is a wonderful place to show your agency’s culture and team. Use your creativity while adding personality to this section. For instance, adding videos, using illustrations or mentioning personal details about your employees will definitely make your brand more memorable.

Moreover, this is a great place to add job postings. So, try to create a professional, fun and unique page!


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