8 Content Marketing Tools to Create the Best Marketing Strategy in 2020

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing as a tool to reach new customers.

This means that a huge portion of marketers is already reaping benefits from content marketing. However, forming a marketing strategy through content marketing tools could present a challenge to someone who has never done anything in this regard.

If you belong to this category, then do not worry since there are a plethora of content marketing tools that can assist you in your quest. So without further ado, let us go through 8 content marketing tools that can do wonders for your marketing strategy!

1. Use BuzzSumo for Topic-related Research

From finding topics that are currently trending in a specific niche to finding influencers, BuzzSumo helps in identifying lucrative content opportunities. Just enter a key phrase and it will provide you with a list that contains all the hot topics. It also provides information that could be helpful in identifying a suitable promoter for all your content promotion needs.

That said, it helps you in tracking your competitor to see what piece of content is performing well for them. Additionally, it lets you search for a particular keyword and notifies you whenever that keyword is used in any context.

All of this information is necessary for planning and creating a content strategy that contains an equal amount of the top-performing phrases and BuzzSumo lets you do that at minimal amount!

2. Experience Content Organization with Evernote

BuzzSumo lets you brainstorm for ideas but Evernote lets you jot down all the ideas which you can use for future collaborations with your team.

Evernote is an ultimate content organization tool that is available for all the devices. It provides a sync option which lets you access your notes from anywhere. Additionally, you can copy and post web pages, clip web images, and attach PDF files.

Evernote has taken team collaboration to the next level by allowing your entire team to take part in prioritizing ideas and managing projects. 

3. Explore Canva for Captivating Imagery

Great images make your content likable. You can always take images from Google Images however if you wish to keep everything original, you can use Canva which allows individuals to create their own images from scratch.

It has varying picture templates, for instance, its Instagram template has different measurements from a Facebook banner and so on. Once you have selected a template, you can create eye-catching images by adding frames, shapes, grids, illustrations, and much more.

4. Track Content’s Performance with CrazyEgg

Uploading content with no tracking measures in place is a fool’s move. This is why you need to invest in CrazyEgg to keep your marketing efforts in check.

CrazyEgg offers heat maps, scroll maps, confetti reports, and overlay maps to help marketers understand how well their content is performing. Additionally, CrazyEgg records the activity of the visitors and tracks their movements. Also, it provides detailed reports about the pages that had the highest engagement levels.

From there, you can use these reports to move your best content onto the top-performing pages. Also, you can revamp your entire content to fit the findings of the report.

5. Use SEMRush to Spy on Your Competitors

Technically not a spying tool, SEMRush provides all the right information that can be used for gaining an advantage.

With the help of this tool, you can know about the keywords your competitors are bidding on, along with the keywords that are helping them in their organic ranking. That said, it can provide all this information about your enterprise as well. Simply enter your URL and it will display a list containing all your targeted keywords along with potential keywords that you should be aiming for!

You can use all of this information to create a targeted marketing strategy.

6. Boost Email Marketing with MailChimp

Email marketing plays a significant role in your marketing strategy as a whole. Because of its importance, you need to invest in MailChimp that does most of the email marketing for you.

MailChimp provides a number of newsletter and email templates that you can use. Further, it allows you to build a contact list from all the subscribers who actually engage with your content. With MailChimp, you can access detailed reports about who is viewing your emails and who is sharing them on social media.

7. Manage Social Profiles with Buffer

Managing each of your social profile individually can be a hassle. Of course, nobody has the time to create, schedule and manage various posts daily. Because of this, you need to incorporate Buffer in your marketing campaign.

Apart from managing multiple social media profiles, Buffer sets up a posting schedule and analyzes each post’s performance. Further, it lets you manage and view the posting schedule of various profiles from one place.

Buffer’s analytics provide detailed reports concerning post reach, impression, link clicks, shares, and comments. You can use this information to improve your social media posting strategy. Additionally, you can add up to 25 members who can create, schedule, and manage posts on your behalf. That said, you can also set different level of access for each member to control posting.

8. Track Traffic with Google Analytics

A successful marketing strategy is the one where you are able to differentiate between your top-performing and under-performing content pieces. With Google Analytics you can achieve all this and much more.

Through Google Analytics, you can pinpoint your popular web pages and blogs and get to know about all the mediums that users use to reach your website. Since it is a Google tool, you can seamlessly incorporate other Google products like Search Console and Ads Account to get more analytics juice.

Google Analytics help marketers determine the visitors’ location that frequently visit their website. That said, it aids marketers in detecting online marketing campaigns that generate the most revenue!

Content marketing is more about creating and publishing posts. It encompasses all the strategies that aid you in ensuring that your content reaches to the maximum number of people. Without the help of any tool, this task may seem insurmountable. This is why you need to invest in all the above-mentioned tools as they can take the stress out of this job.

That said, you also need to look into affordable SEO services if you want your content marketing to make some noise because without SEO, your campaign will fail to generate desirable results!

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