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Top Digital Strategy Agencies With Successful Case Studies in Australia

The world is getting more digital each day. A strong digital strategy is crucial for companies to compete with others in their industry. Working with digital strategy agencies in Australia, you can improve your brand’s online positioning and succeed in the ever-changing digital world.

Digital Strategy Agencies in Australia

If your company is based in Australia and you need a digital strategy and consulting services, you are at the right place! We have compiled 12 of the most successful digital strategy agencies in Australia with impressive case studies.

  • Covert
  • Frank Digital
  • Luminary
  • Devotion
  • Shout Digital
  • Emote Digital
  • Croud
  • Loop
  • OAC Digital
  • Tzu & Co.
  • Chook

We will be taking a closer look at each of these brilliant agencies.



Covert is an end-to-end digital marketing agency. Their team will work closely with you at every stage; from inception to implementation.

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Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Covert is a digital agency with a wide range of services. It is difficult to find an agency that has all the features to develop your business. Covert is one of them and proves its success with its work each time.

Covert, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, can be one of the best digital marketing agencies for you. If you want to review their case studies and get in touch, you can visit their website.

Frank Digital


Company motto: From first awareness to full life cycle, we’re ready to roll.

Frank Digital has been named as one of the most innovative digital strategy agencies in Australia by Awwwards. This amazing agency, that has offices both in Sydney and Melbourne, will offer solutions to your business challenges with digital products and a unique digital advertising strategy to engage better and be more productive.

Data is at the heart of everything they do, it informs their digital strategy processes. They can provide insights that drive better experiences, improve customer journeys, and deliver higher conversions.

Get access to an integrated, high-performing team and succeed online with Frank Digital’s custom-tailored digital strategies for your business.


luminary strategy agency

The definition of ‘luminary’: One who has gained eminence in their area. The one who inspires. The one who supports, protects, and guides.

Luminary is a digital agency founded in 1999 and thriving as one of the best digital marketing strategy agencies in Australia since then. Their mission is to make digital bright and the experience of humans even brighter. They build websites to perform quickly and without any flaws.

Their main purpose is to let their customers go home happy after receiving their outstanding services and succeed in their businesses. They also provide freedom to their employees so that they can get as creative as they wish. This feature of the agency allows them to come up with the best digital strategy examples in not only Sydney but also anywhere else in the world.

After all, is said and done, they provide digital solutions to delight, excite and inspire!


DIJGTAL is an innovation-led strategic digital marketing agency with offices in Sydney.

DIJGTAL bridges the gap between Experience Design and Marketing, helping to transform complex business problems into ingenious human-led solutions for early-stage startups, enterprise ventures, and corporate partners.

Strategy to DIJGTAL is an artform as a digital strategy agency in Sydney. It’s the core of what creates successful experiences. It’s a mural of understanding, thinking, planning, executing, and then delivering. It’s the essence of what they do, that leads to innovation, scalability, profitability, and longevity.

DIJGTAL team creates meaningful experiences for some of the world’s leading brands with their signature approach to digital strategy, design, engagement and implementation.



Devotion is a smart and passionate digital agency composed of highly experienced professionals in Sydney, Australia. They’re a full-service digital strategy agency with deep expertise and experience, offering you and your customers a seamless, efficient and well-managed process from start to finish.

Devotion keeps digital strategy simple. No rambling presentations or impossible pie-in-the-sky scenarios, just data-led, actionable strategies with a defined roadmap to deliver results.

The agency leverages best-in-class research and analytics tools to give you data-led, relevant and targeted insights for every campaign or broader program of work. Devotion’s strategies are developed to be agile and adaptable. This ensures they remain current to changes in your business, the market, or your customers.

Shout Digital

While there are many digital strategy agencies that see the tech as the solution itself, not the road to the solution, Shout Digital differentiates itself by working hard to know what and why it really works. Then they develop a digital strategy model that will work, making the most of the resources at hand to meet the business and marketing goals.


Being one of the best digital marketing strategy agencies in Sydney, Shout Digital constructs a holistic, multi-channel plan using the behavioral insights in the data. Their knowledge of platform behavior and a deep understanding of how customers use digital media to create a coherent and consistent, accountable campaign gets concrete results.

If you’re searching for a digital strategy agency that cares about results, holds people accountable, wants to push the limits of efficiency, and gets thrilled about the prospect of doing work that works, look no further.

Emote Digital

emote digital digital marketing agencies

‘Embrace Digital With Emote Digital’

Emote Digital is a digital strategy agency located in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. They have a talented team whose passion is to deliver outstanding digital strategies and solutions for their customers. They say that their team forms the fabric of Emote Digital.

If you are looking for a great digital strategy for your business, you can request one from Emote Digital. Their team would be happy to create a tailor-made, results-driven digital strategy exclusive for your brand.

Every member of their team brings a unique skill set. And by combining the skills of their whole team, Emote Digital creates a unique workforce to achieve the best results for your brand in terms of digital marketing strategy and execution.


croud content marketing agencies

Croud is a global digital marketing agency for startups working with the best digital talents and experts and one of the largest independent digital agencies, with offices across the UK and Australia. They have more than 200 staff and more than 2000 experts in their network.

Croud has won multiple awards and rated number one by Google. They use a unique approach that delivers long-term agility and significant cost savings for their clients. The team provides outstanding strategies and designs across all digital media.

They offer you pay-per-click services, search engine optimization, content building, video production, creative campaigns, international digital marketing and many more related to the digital world.


loop content marketing agencies

Loop offers you the best digital advertising strategy for your business with a team of 180 digital talents, working from 5 offices around the world every day, trying to exceed your expectations.

They work for leading brands all around the world they offer you more than you expected. Their team of experts creates the best digital solutions for you by perfectly mixing strategy, creativity, technology, and production to achieve the best for your business. There is no doubt that they will increase the value and the online presence of your brand with intelligent digital strategies.

They can develop digital strategies, brand activation, growth strategies and creative concepts for your business.

OAC Digital


OAC Digital is a lead generation-focused digital marketing agency. They can help you to reach more leads, more customers, more sales, and more clients.

As a digital marketing agency, they put together everything local, regional and national businesses need to set-up, maintain, track and optimize.

Their expert team can help you understand your business, your target market and the challenges you are facing. So, you can have a chance to create a long-term digital marketing strategy.

Tzu & Co.

Tzu & Co is an independent digital brand strategy and marketing consulting firm with its office in Sydney. Although they have their single office in Sydney, they have clients from several countries, and 100% customer satisfaction.

They offer their clients multidisciplinary solutions and strategies with great efforts of marketing and digital business strategists, and data analysts that are working together.

Their core services are digital strategy and consulting, digital business transformation, digital audit and health checks, and data analytic. They can also serve their clients with supplementary services including IT operations, developing a digital marketing strategy, recruitment and digital pieces of training.


chook digital strategy agency

“We love what we do” is their motto and they assert that their clients will experience the benefit of a true digital partner.

Chook is another creative Australian digital strategy agency in Australia. They have a multidisciplinary team of project managers, designers and developers who are willing to learn more and grow their business. It consists of a group of award-winning designers, and developers to achieve the best for their clients.

Their services include developing digital strategies as well as website development, UX and UI design, digital marketing, app design/development, and social media campaigns. Chook has a broad range of digital capacities that will meet and exceed your expectations in terms of digital solutions for your company.

Your company may not know how to create a unique digital strategy, but there are many digital strategy agencies in Sydney to offer you a great digital brand strategy. You can also check the best web design agencies in the Australia directory if you’re looking for a one.

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