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Powered by data, fuelled by passion. We deliver market leading digital marketing campaigns that transform Australian businesses, large & small.

Australia HQ: Melbourne
11-50 Employees
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Clearwater will partner with you to translate your digital goals and objectives into business growth and success.

Our agency’s philosophy is simple. We want to understand your business, your goals, your customers and audience, as well as you do.

Driven by data and fuelled by passion, our commitment is to become an integral part of your business and a trusted and valued partner. Our digital strategy is outcome based, not service lead, resulting in the right channels and approach for your business.

Our team is committed to delivering transformative digital marketing performance and management for our clients and partners.

Digital success starts with a plan, a vision, and the capability, focus and commitment of a team that can bring it to life.

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Clearwater Agency Reviews

Overall Ratings 50-100 Reviews
Decades of Digital Marketing Mastery

Clearwater Agency demonstrates extensive experience in digital marketing. The agency's long-term client engagements and their adept handling of complex SEO and Google Ads campaigns are direct indicators of their mastery in this field.

Proven SEO and Google Ads Expertise

The agency consistently improves online presence and rankings for clients through their specialized skills in SEO and Google Ads. Their success in these areas is a direct result of their proven expertise.

Consistent Delivery of Tangible Business Outcomes

Clearwater Agency effectively increases leads, sales, and website traffic for clients. Their strategies directly contribute to tangible improvements in business performance.

Boosting Traffic and Leads

The agency has a consistent record of enhancing online traffic and lead generation for clients. These improvements are direct outcomes of their effective digital marketing strategies.

Exemplary Communication and Transparency

Clearwater Agency is recognized for its clear and consistent communication, regularly providing detailed updates and maintaining transparency. This approach directly fosters trust and client satisfaction.

Building Partnerships through Clear Communication

The agency's responsive and clear communication style is instrumental in building strong client relationships. Their approach ensures clients are well-informed and involved, directly contributing to lasting partnerships.

Our team has summarized customer reviews to provide you with a concise overview of what people are saying about the agency on various review sites.
  • APAC Search Awards Best PPC Campaign 2021
  • Semrush Search Awards Winner 2020


Clearwater Agency Delivered Digital Advertising Strategy of FightMND
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