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Accomplished bibliophile, wayfarer, social media expert, technology enthusiast, digital specialist, passionate marketer, internet pioneer and Strategic Account Manager at DAN Global!

BLOG | Content Marketing

15 Types Of Video Content For Every Stage Of Your Marketing Funnel

The world is shifting, and video marketing is the new darling of content marketing! The purpose of content marketing is to create and offer valuable content customized for your audience. It should attract, engage and convert your visitors – basically it should carry them down the marketing funnel. That’s where video marketing comes in. There …

BLOG | Web Design

Elevate Your User Experience With Storytelling

By keeping storytelling at the heart of user experience, designers can create more engaging digital experiences.  Once upon a time, the lives of those who came before us were whispered in cave walls, narrated around bonfires or shared in writing and passed along in the form of stories. These stories were carried through the years …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Website

Boast your chances of success by picking the right digital marketing domain name for your website. Naming things is always fun, be it your newborn baby, a Wi-Fi-router, your pet dog, a start-up business or even your domain name. It can also be quite challenging. Whether it’s for your business or a personal brand, putting …

BLOG | Web Design

Website Design Process: Milestones & Timeline

Every web design project should start with a design process. Having a design process in place and setting up the website design milestones and timeline before you begin will help you overcome any confusion and distractions along the way. Some say that the first impression of a website is based on the quality of the …

BLOG | Web Design

5 Best Food Website Designs & What Makes Them Awesome

Brace yourself for the recipe to success in designing an amazing food website with our top 5 picks! Long gone are the days when foodies had to make do with PDF’s of menus and images of food in bad lighting. Contemporary food brand websites make use of a great user interface design, beautiful photography, easy …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

A Guide On Above The Line VS Below The Line Marketing

A guide to compare & contrast above the line and below the line marketing to choose one that works best for your business and keeps your budget in check.  Where should you spend your marketing budget? On creating awareness and brand-building with above the line advertising – in print, billboards and on air or with …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

#InstaPoster To InstaCelebrity With Nike

Nike’s #Instaposter campaign takes Moscow by a storm with action figures of active women from Instagram! What is Instagram all about if not celebrating moments, victories and achievements? Nike joined forces with Russian agency, Instinct, taking a special direction to celebrate these very moments for active women in Moscow in a unique way, as part …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

Marriott Launches An In-Room Virtual Reality Experience

Get transported from New York to Beijing in a matter of seconds with the Marriott Virtual Reality experience! If comfy beds, soft towels and a wicked room service aren’t enough, Marriott adds icing to the cake: by offering its guests a ride around the world from the comfort of their hotel rooms! Your favorite go-to …

NEWS | Digital Marketing Industry News

A Smart Fridge From Budweiser: Bud-E Fridge

The new Bud-E smart fridge follows your team, chills up your brew to perfection and tallies your booze, bro! Bud Light is out to make sure the Internet of Things includes beer. The nation’s largest beer brand launches the Bud-E Fridge, a smart fridge for people who really care about beer. Released as the NFL season springs into …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

IKEA Cooks Up A Kitchen In This Charming Ad

BBH Asia Pacific wins our hearts again with this creative, new ad for a D-I-Y IKEA kitchen! Pour, stir, fry & VIOLA – you have a new kitchen! This new sales pitch for IKEA’s D-I-Y Kitchen is both charming and cute. Credits to BBH Asia Pacific, the agency behind last year’s incredibly popular ‘bookbook‘ ad …

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