A Smart Fridge From Budweiser: Bud-E Fridge

The new Bud-E smart fridge follows your team, chills up your brew to perfection and tallies your booze, bro!

Bud Light is out to make sure the Internet of Things includes beer. The nation’s largest beer brand launches the Bud-E Fridge, a smart fridge for people who really care about beer.

Released as the NFL season springs into action, the high-tech Bud-E Fridge by Budweiser works with your mobile app, sending you alerts with how much beer is at hand, when your six-pack is perfectly chilled and when someone else dares to snag your brew.

It also syncs to your favorite NFL team and allows you to order beer with home delivery (talk about the perfect solution to drunk driving).

budweiser bud-e fridge app

The freakishly smart refrigerator, created by Buzz Products has a digital counter on the outside which also shows the number of beers inside.

The app and the fridge also include a countdown timer of your Buds, and lets you know when they have reached the optimal temperature for drinking.

What’s best? When you are about to run out of your brew, and let’s face it, this is a common occurrence because beers are a hot commodity; you can connect to the Saucey’s app, for some good ol’ beer, home delivery (after age verifications – on app and in person). So there won’t be a need to leave the couch when stocks get dangerously low.

Another heart capturing feature gives you a notification every time someone makes a move on your beer from your Bud-E. So you can know when to bust some heads.

Here’s how Bud-E functions in Bud Light’s perfect world:

The blue fridge with a proud capacity of 78 beers, embellished with Bud Light branding for folks who are #UpForWhatever, is currently only available to Californian residents who can order it online at Budlight.com for a temporary, discounted price of $299 before the price escalates to a whopping $599.

Lucas Herscovici, the brewer’s U.S. VP of Connections, said in a statement,

With the Bud-E Fridge, we’ve created something that shows how we continue to push the boundaries in technology and innovation, particularly in the connected home of the future, and provide beer drinkers with a new level of convenience to better enjoy Bud Light with their friends.

So now you can be boozing, but your Bud-E will be smart & connected. What a time to be alive!