Feel Like A Celebrity With #CokeMyName

Tweet with hashtag #CokeMyName to have your name & a unique fact about it star on a billboard in Times Square.

After the triumph of the clever drinkable billboard for Coke Zero, Coca Cola’s recent outdoor campaign, lets you tweet to have your name splashed on a big screen, in Times Square. Here’s to taking out-of-home advertising to a whole new level!

Building off Coke’s Share a Coke campaign featuring fan names emblazoned on Coke bottles, the new billboard shows fun facts about names of people who tweet to the sign using hashtag #CokeMyName.

At the heart of the display is a microsite that Coke and Google created together to pull in facts about the 1,000 names the soda company has printed on its cans and bottles.

Coke allied up with Clear Channel Outdoor to build a campaign activated with twitter. Once someone fires off a tagged tweet, it gets displayed on the big screen in lights. Furthermore, a webcam across the street automatically snaps a picture of the person’s name. Coke’s social media team then tweets back the photo to the person within an hour. So you don’t need to be present in Times Square to see your name in the light. Neat trick, don’t you think?

The activation having been live since two weeks, generates about 200 messages a day with the billboard being the only media promoting the campaign.

Check out these wicked examples of some people’s journeys to fame:



Sean McCaffrey, Clear Channel Outdoor’s SVP of National Client Strategy and Partnerships, noted:

That potentially then seeds more social sharing amongst your Twitter followers [and] social impressions. It’s the interesting convergence of the mobile, digital and physical worlds.

Who else is ready for an easy climb up the ladder of fame? Tweet away!