Marriott Launches An In-Room Virtual Reality Experience

Get transported from New York to Beijing in a matter of seconds with the Marriott Virtual Reality experience!

If comfy beds, soft towels and a wicked room service aren’t enough, Marriott adds icing to the cake: by offering its guests a ride around the world from the comfort of their hotel rooms!

Your favorite go-to hotel, is now offering you a virtual reality ride that lets you travel and live vicariously through a handful of adventurers, inspiring you to plan a travel excursion for thyself.

In collaboration with Samsung Gear VR, the golden hotel chain has launched a fancy new room service, to match its fancy tone.

The virtual reality experience dubbed “VR Postcards” is currently on testing; it is being offered to guests on borrow-basis for 24 hours at New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square and the London Marriott Hotel Park Lane.

The experiences captured in the VR headset, are postcards from three travelers, shot in 360-degree 3D videos, taking the viewers to Chile’s Andes mountains, an ice-cream shop in Rwanda and Beijing’s bustling streets – each a visual and aural experience with a panoramic and immersive glimpse into these locales.

Take a look at the first of its kind virtual reality-room experience:

The VR-post cards are set to evoke a sense of wanderlust among its viewers and encourage them to take a leap, or a ticket to another Marriott destination on the globe.

Matthew Carroll, Marriott’s VP of global brand management, said,

VRoom combines storytelling with technology, two things that are important to next-generation travelers.

Marriott worked with Framestore’s Virtual Reality Studio to develop the technologies and techniques used to create the VR Postcards.

A sequel of sorts, the VRroom Service is but one of Marriott’s menu of tech-goodies that keep turning up; including the Mobile Request app that allows guests to text the front desk for room-service and in-room streaming for Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Crackle and YouTube subscribers.

In an attempt to win the hearts of the digital natives, Marriott International showcases itself as a brand well-versed in innovation and technology.