Best Digital Growth Agencies for Startups in 2021

Growth marketing is one of the newest ways of digital marketing. Growth marketing is intelligent, data-driven marketing for the purpose of adding revenue to the bottom line of your business.

In this article, we have gathered the best digital growth agencies in the world for startups or small businesses.

Researches show that nine out of ten startups fail in the first two years. If you want to survive in the market, you need the official support from growth marketing agencies.

What do you think your startup or small business needs so as to scale up? Which channel is the best way to reach out to your target audience directly? Which content would be the most effective one to increase your ROI? Digital marketing agencies are experienced in all different parts of this digital puzzle. Moreover, they are the ones witnessing small business growth.

Therefore, growth marketing agencies will be a great partner to complete your puzzle with whatever your startup’s needs are.

Top growth marketing agencies for startups

We have researched digital agencies’ websites and portfolios in details and listed the best ones for digital growth marketing for you:

  • Beyond
  • The Charles
  • Crafted
  • Digital Uncut
  • Ignite Visibility
  • War Room Inc.
  • Flightpath
  • Massive Media
  • Frank Digital
  • Digital Business Lab
  • WebEnertia
  • KOTA
  • Impression


Beyond is an award-winning design and technology agency with offices in San Francisco, New York and London. They sare creative designers, insightful strategists and exceptional engineers.

Change is the one constant in our industry. Beyond embraces it, sees everything new as an opportunity and value resilience in how we move forward.

They work with you to define your startup’s product vision, design a strategy and improve your business outcomes.

Beyond can help you throughout your startup’s digital journey.

The Charles

The Charles is a creative digital agency with offices in New York, Chicago and London. They specialize in digital strategy, branding, email marketing, video production, web development and web design.

The Charles can be a great partner to help you grow your startup!

Need inspiration to update your marketing strategy? You should definitely check out their website to get inspired as they have great case studies for creative brands.

The Charles’ creative thinking can ultimately set your startup apart from all of the others.


Located in New York, Crafted is a full-service digital agency. They partner with startups as a one-stop branding agency specializing in branding, design, native mobile app, website and platform development and marketing.

Crafted has a huge portfolio of their work with startups from a wide range of industries. As the agency was founded by entrepreneurs, they love the spirit of the unknown and the potential. Having walked these paths already, they know what small businesses need and they can be helped.

Gaurav Mirchandani, The Founder of One Paper Lane, one of the startups Crafted has worked with said:

Communication with Crafted was fantastic, and the whole team was very attentive to our details and requests throughout the design and development process.

Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut is a full-service agency that provides all of your startups’ needs. PPC, SEO, web development, digital PR, and content are among their strengths. Digital Uncut offers you the best strategies for your business growth in line with your needs. 


Your digital presence and growth can be boosted by new innovative concepts and unique data.  Data-driven SEO is helping to seed organic development. From technical SEO to content optimization to digital PR, they get your business and do the best. As a growth marketing agency for startups, Digital Uncut provides all of the above for your business. If you want to get full support for growth marketing from the professional team of Digital Uncut, you can reach it from their website.

Ignite Visibility

Founded on the principles of relationships, responsiveness and results, Ignite has been named #1 SEO company, #1 Paid Media Company, #1 Social Media Company, and #1 Digital Agency in the USA. Ignite Visibility has a proprietary multichannel performance-based forecasting system and software allowing businesses to clearly hit goals. 


Ignite Visibility is well-known for their  consulting services for startups. They’re also recognized as a small business growth marketing agency. Ignite Visibility can help your business grow offering multichannel digital strategy, SEO, paid media, social media, creative, email, PR, Amazon, and conversion rate optimization business.


As a popular digital growth agency, over the last decade, WEBITMD worked with over 100 clients ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 1000 companies to develop The Growth Stack. Their stack has gained international acclaim, accolades, and results for companies in a variety of industries.


Instead of selling you tactics, they offer you end-to-end marketing, sales, and service solution that drives growth. They work inclusively with your sales team to ensure alignment and drive revenue.

They are also honored to be a Certified Platinum Partner and a member of the HubSpot community. Check out their websites for case studies and reviews from their Growth Stack clients to get inspiration from this amazing growth marketing agency for your startup.


When it comes to growth marketing, KRFTWRK is one of the best agencies that proved their success. They believe that growth marketing is a science and they build a mix of inbound content + outbound growth hacking for optimal marketing results for your startup. They link your brand’s story to the needs of your customers. A well-planned content calendar is the foundation of any effective digital campaign, and it’s designed to drive traffic and demand for your product or service.


If you are in search of the best growth marketing agency for your startup, we should mention their successful case studies in growth marketing. For example with consistent publishing, they managed to increase the website traffic for BLiNQ Networks by +200%, organic impressions by +150%. They’re now even ranking above Forbes, CNET, and CBC on some core keywords.

Also for Capital Growth, a San Diego-based wealth management firm, with full rebranding, website redesign, and executing inbound and outbound marketing, they achieved a 1,900% increase in their traffic, 686% increase in leads, 78% increase in social media followers, and 59% increase in their organic ranking. For more success stories like these, you can visit their website and have more detailed information about their case studies.

War Room Inc.

War Room will pinpoint which channels would have the best reach and return and customize an ad strategy that aligns with your business goals. If you want to use performance marketing, the Vancouver-based agency would be one of the best growth marketing agencies.


Digital advertising really scales when integrated into a cross-channel strategy. Paid search has users with high intent and social advertising has higher user engagement. When combined into a strategy, you’re a double threat.

With the power of their programmatic advertising platform, Kedet, their team can run cross-channel campaigns that will granularly target your audience and deliver effective results. Whether building brand awareness, an email list or driving sales, programmatic is the answer to your business growth and better ROI.


Flightpath is a digital marketing agency based in New York. Their solutions create awareness and drive customer acquisition.

Their core digital marketing services and channels include: social media & content marketing, PPC & SEO, UX & web design, programmatic & display advertising, paid social campaigns and targeted email marketing.

Flightpath can help your startup or small business to fly, so get ready for your flight.

Frank Digital

Frank Digital is an Australian digital agency with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. They specialize in the design and development of digital products, websites, eCommerce and apps.


Frank Digital team aims to grow conversions for startups and small businesses. However you need help, they’ll make it work by working closely with you. Rather than presentations, you get conversations. That means fewer surprises, since you’re there throughout the journey.

Massive Media

Massive Media is a Canadian branding and experience design agency located in Toronto and Vancouver. They are one of the best possible guides that one startup can have during their branding and design journey.

Their growth marketing strategies will boost your ROI. You can enjoy exploring their successful portfolio on their website, including their work with different brands.

Digital Business Lab

Digital Business Lab is a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong and Singapore, specialising in social media strategy, influencer marketing and video production.

In Asia, social media marketing is the core of digital marketing. Hereby, it is significant to find a growth marketing agency who is experienced in all channels and platforms when it comes to social media, just like Digital Business Lab.

They are also ready to share their know-how about content marketing, inbound marketing, video production and PPC marketing as your growth marketing agency. Just let them know what you need or ask them to tell you what you need to grow your startup or small business.



WebEnertia drives B2B brands with impactful digital brand experiences & web design. While page views indicate audience size, they don’t necessarily reflect marketing campaign connection to a target audience. With WebEnertia, track how well you’re reaching your potential customer with your marketing strategy by looking at deeper analytics, such as time on site, bounce rate, and others.

From web design, CMS websites, applications, eCommerce, motion graphics and multimedia, graphic design, and print to Internet marketing solutions, WebEnertia has everything to cover you as a B2B digital growth agency.


KOTA is one of the most creative agencies which inspire me with their creative and colorful work all the time. London-based creative agency KOTA can offer your startup or small business growth marketing via branding, eCommerce marketing, web development and web design.


You will see the high-quality design while surfing on their website or social media accounts. If you want to focus on design for your startup or small business, KOTA can be a great partner to reach your growth marketing targets.


Impression is a multi-award winning digital agency, located in London. Their specialties are PPC, SEO, digital PR and analytics.


They are great and experienced in engaging audiences and converting clicks into customers. As a startup or small business, it will take some time to appear in search engines with a good ranking, especially if there is a high competition in your area. Impression will take you up in the rankings with their effective SEO strategies. Meanwhile, they will also check your analytics, support you with PPC and digital PR for your growth marketing purposes.

Hope we have managed to narrow down your best growth marketing agency list. While curating this list, we have considered the success in the agencies’ portfolios, the testimonials by their previous clients and their capabilities. You can also get help from digital marketing tools for the growth of your company.

If you would like to explore other digital agencies, you can see the best digital agencies in the world which we listed on our website for you.

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