Best Digital Growth Marketing Agencies for Startups in 2021

Growth marketing is one of the newest ways of marketing. In growth marketing you can choose digital or traditional channels for your marketing with the aim to grow your business.

In this article, we have gathered the best digital growth marketing agencies in the world for startups or small businesses.

Researches show that nine out of ten startups fail in the first two years. If you want to survive in the market, you need the official support from growth marketing agencies.

What do you think your startup or small business needs so as to scale up? Which channel is the best way to reach out to your target audience directly? Which content would be the most effective one to increase your ROI? Digital marketing agencies are experienced in all different parts of this digital puzzle. Moreover, they are the ones witnessing small business growth.

Therefore, growth marketing agencies will be a great partner to complete your puzzle with whatever your startup’s needs are.

What are the top growth marketing agencies for startups and small businesses?

We have checked the digital agencies’ websites and portfolios in details and listed the best ones for digital growth marketing for you:

  • Beyond
  • The Charles
  • Crafted
  • Flightpath
  • Impression
  • Massive Media
  • Frank Digital
  • KOTA
  • BuzzFever Digital
  • Digital Business Lab
  • Evoluted
  • Ignite Visibility
  • Mobiteam


Beyond is an international design and technology agency with offices in San Francisco, New York and London. They specialize in web development, web design and UX design, which are all very significant for startups and small businesses to grow.

You can easily check their portfolio through their website, which displays their work with brands from different industries such as hospital & healthcare, media & entertainment and food & beverage.

As they say on their website:

We help our clients make better versions of themselves.

The Charles

The Charles is a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in New York, Chicago and London. They specialize in digital strategy, branding, email marketing, video production, web development and web design.

They can be the great partner to grow your startup or small business if you give them the chance. Their creativity will make a difference for your brand. When you visit their website, you will see a lot of famous luxury brands which never means that they do not work with startups.

On the contrary, they exactly know how to make your startup shine.


Located in New York, Crafted is a full-service digital agency. They partner with startups as a one-stop branding agency specializing in branding, design, native mobile app, website and platform development and marketing.

Crafted has a huge portfolio of their work with startups from a wide range of industries. As the agency was founded by entrepreneurs, they love the spirit of the unknown and the potential. Having walked these paths already, they know what small businesses need and they can be helped.

Gaurav Mirchandani, The Founder of One Paper Lane, one of the startups Crafted has worked with said:

Communication with Crafted was fantastic, and the whole team was very attentive to our details and requests throughout the design and development process.


Flightpath is a digital marketing agency based in New York. Their solutions create awareness and drive customer acquisition.

Their core digital marketing services and channels include: social media & content marketing, PPC & SEO, UX & web design, programmatic & display advertising, paid social campaigns and targeted email marketing.

Flightpath can help your startup or small business to fly, so get ready for your flight.


Impression is a multi-award winning digital agency, located in London. Their specialties are PPC, SEO, digital PR and analytics. You will see what I mean when you visit their website and see their navigation at the top of their homepage.

They are great and experienced in engaging audiences and converting clicks into customers. As a startup or small business, it will take some time to appear in search engines with a good ranking, especially if there is a high competition in your area. Impression will take you up in the rankings with their effective SEO strategies. Meanwhile, they will also check your analytics, support you with PPC and digital PR for your growth marketing purposes.

Massive Media

Massive Media is a Canadian branding and experience design agency located in Toronto and Vancouver. They are one of the best possible guides that one startup can have during their branding and design journey.

Their growth marketing strategies will boost your ROI. You can enjoy exploring their successful portfolio on their website, including their work with different brands.

Frank Digital

Frank Digital is an Australian digital agency with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. They specialize in the design and development of digital products, websites, eCommerce and apps.

Frank Digital team aims to grow conversions for startups and small businesses. As their name speaks for itself, they promise to be honest with you. When you share your plans and targets with them, they will tell you how to manage that upon their experience.


KOTA is one of the most creative agencies which inspire me with their creative and colorful work all the time. London-based creative agency KOTA can offer your startup or small business growth marketing via branding, eCommerce marketing, web development and web design.


You will see the high-quality design while surfing on their website or social media accounts. If you want to focus on design for your startup or small business, KOTA can be a great partner to reach your growth marketing targets.

BuzzFever Digital

You can take advantage of growth marketing for your startup to grow. And to do that, it would be more beneficial for you to get consultancy from a growth marketing agency for support in this regard.

BuzzFever, a Hong Kong-based agency, can offer you this with its professional staff. Known for its services in many different areas, the agency plans the right strategy for your business to grow in the most possible way. BuzzFever Digital allows its clients to achieve successful results in a short time which is essential for startups and small businesses. If you want to communicate with this professional team, you can visit their website.

Digital Business Lab

Digital Business Lab is a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong and Singapore, specialising in social media strategy, influencer marketing and video production.

In Asia, social media marketing is the core of digital marketing. Hereby, it is significant to find a growth marketing agency who is experienced in all channels and platforms when it comes to social media, just like Digital Business Lab.

They are also ready to share their know-how about content marketing, inbound marketing, video production and PPC marketing as your growth marketing agency. Just let them know what you need or ask them to tell you what you need to grow your startup or small business.


With offices in Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield, Evoluted is a full-service digital marketing agency. They deliver ROI-driven marketing campaigns and bespoke websites to local, national and multinational companies.


Their team specialises in all forms of online marketing. Focusing on the data, they devise digital strategies designed to deliver a lasting return on your investment. They have proved themselves in the web design and development area. However, their services are not limited with that. Evoluted’s experienced team can support your business with SEO, PPC, CRO, content marketing, social media marketing, video production, copywriting and email marketing.

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a San Diego-based digital agency specializing in SEO, CRO, inbound marketing, social media and digital PR.

They currently teach two courses in the University California San Diego Extension program. Lead by John E Lincoln, CEO of Ignite, and Alan Bush, Director of Strategy, Ignite Visibility is responsible for both the SEO and Marketing and the Web Analytics: Techniques, Tools and Tricks courses.

That itself proves their leading position in digital marketing. Startups and small businesses definitely need good ranking in search engines with a well-planned SEO strategy, and work on the analytics to grow your brand. Ignite Visibility will happily share their know-how with you as your growth marketing agency.


Mobiteam is a Berlin-based European agency focusing on design, development and creative. Besides the custom projects, they launched 3 startups and made 2 exits to US and UK companies so far.

After listening to your startup’s or small business’ KPIs, they do a custom web design and development, which will sell, attract and obtain market and customer’s respect. You can enjoy exploring their website and case studies in both German and English.

Hope we have managed to narrow down your best growth marketing agency list. While curating this list, we have considered the success in the agencies’ portfolios, the testimonials by their previous clients and their capabilities. You can also get help from digital marketing tools for the growth of your company.

If you would like to explore other digital agencies, you can see the best digital agencies in the world which we listed on our website for you.

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