Best Branding Agencies for Startups & Small Businesses

For startups and small businesses, it’s important to work with a branding agency in the process of building or renewing their brand.

If you want to survive in the market and impress your target audience at first glance, you need to make sure that you have a sustainable and reliable branding strategy. You wouldn’t want to leave it to luck.

Why Would You Need a Branding Agency?

The brand identity is considered to be the core of your brand’s existence. It will contribute to your brand if you get support from an experienced startup branding agency. You will need a branding strategy when you are first launching your brand and also while refreshing your current identity, which is called rebranding.

Startup marketing and branding are critical components of company development as they assist a new business in establishing an individual brand identity.  A company should have a full personality before it’s introduced to the market and right at this point, a digital marketing agency steps in and helps a startup for their branding needs. Branding services of digital marketing agencies for startups include:

  • Brand positioning
  • Competitor analysis
  • Your logo design
  • The colors on any visual content
  • The fonts on any textual content
  • Brand messaging & tone of voice
  • Content and distribution strategy

When the above facts come together, they create your corporate identity.

Don’t underestimate the importance of these facts. Because it’s easy to loose a significant amount of audiences if you use just one wrong word in your core brand message or if you use a wrong color in your logo design.

Let the digital agencies specializing in brand identity for small businesses do the work for you. You might be considering the budget and time. However, having a solid brand identity will definitely be worth the budget and time.

Best Branding Agencies in the USA with Great Brand Identity Work

We have compiled a list of the top branding agencies in the USA that will help your startups or small businesses grow.

Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service digital agency with offices is New York, Toronto and Vancouver. A well-defined brand strategy will show you the tactics you need for success. So Major Tom is the perfect address for that.

Major Tom with wide range of branding services for small business

Their process starts with an expansive review of your brand’s current status. Afterwards, they run a collaborative workshop with you and your stakeholders to define the organization’s goals. Then, target audience research and competitive analysis follow.

That way, your small business or startup will have accurate and effective brand visuals, personality, and messaging. You can check their website for further details if you’re looking for a startup branding agency.

The Charles

The Charles is a NYC-based full service marketing agency focused on strategy, media, design, content, and technology. They have a portfolio overflowing with companies from different industries, from skincare brands to fashion and retail, making them a perfect choice for startups and small businesses looking to hand on their branding work.

They offer a very refined expertise in many subjects, as well as branding, including brand identity development and art direction. They work meticulously on the brand’s customer journey and create a refreshed brand narrative along with a media plan. With multidisciplinary skills across their in house design team, they have the ability to take on design projects from logo design to a full rebranding.

eDesign Interactive

eDesign Interactive is a digital agency passionate about storytelling, visual design, and technology. The team collaborates with small to large companies around the world to help them engage their audiences and build brand recognition.

edesign interactive branding agency website

Powerful designs that capture attention and drive conversion

eDesign Interactive’s experienced team can help your brand resonate with its audience and carry on an emotional impact as a one of the best branding companies for startups. Their branding strategies include brand identity development, logo creation, graphic design, brand guidelines and corporate stationery.


Vrrb is a Los Angeles-based digital agency that builds top-notch websites and mobile apps. They work with a wide range of clients, from innovative startups like InhaleHealth to global enterprises like Visa. For their branding service, they fully study your brand to better understand the identity, and ecosystem of users, competitors, or partners to be able to consistently communicate the singular vision of your company.

They have conducted projects where they applied product strategy, branding, UX/UI design and even SaaS development for small businesses and startups such as Sideline, a productivity tool for teams and PartyBuild, an event planning app, meaning that they are an experienced agency to work with if you’re a startup or small business yourself.


Isadora, which is renowned for being one the best branding companies for startups and small businesses, believes that a brand is more than a name or a symbol.


Branding strengthens your small business and has an impact on key areas like trust, credibility, and customer loyalty.

At Isadora, they know that successful brand experiences provide superior brand growth so you will need to change the way your brand interacts with consumers.

Best Branding Agencies in Australia

Discover Australia’s top branding agencies. These companies have experience in a variety of fields all of which will deliver the desired outcomes based on your requirements.

Bellman Brand Agency

Bellman Brand Agency is an expert in branding, design, and content services that inspire, connect, and enhance brand equity. They take pride in producing outcomes that are worthy of display, and their customers share this feeling.

The Melbourne-based agency has a team of industry specialists who are focused on developing and managing stunning brand outcomes regardless of the project, including branding strategists, designers, writers, developers, and digital marketers. Bellman’s services include brand strategy, brand content, brand design, brand naming and so much more.


DIJGTAL is an innovation-led strategic design and marketing agency with offices in Sydney, Vancouver and Los Angeles.


DIJGTAL creates meaningful experiences for some of the world’s leading brands with their signature approach to strategy, design, engagement, and implementation.

They elevate the growth of a brand, product and customer experience through the implementation of a DIJGTAL strategy. Then, they build on early-stage insights through robust qualitative and quantitative research methods, in order to understand the psychology of consumer behavior as one of the best branding services in the world.

Best Branding Agencies the UK

Branding says everything about your business, so working with a good branding agency will help you reflect your company’s vision. Here’s only a good selection of them among the best branding agencies in the UK.


KOTA is an award-winning London-based branding agency. Their UK team employs cutting-edge brand design and consultancy to create and evolve popular brands.

Kota provides wide range of services as a branding strategy agency

Their brand identities undergo a range of services, including brand proposition strategy, logo designs, typography and color selection, strategy, tone of voice, imagery styling, textures, and patterns, plus packaging and point of sale.

Branding services are one of the most crucial aspects of any startup or small business. And KOTA is the expert in both the creative end goal and the strategic brand proposition piece behind it.

Best Branding Agencies in Canada

If you want to get a consultation from a branding agency in Canada, we’ve listed a few of them that we think will help you develop a strong and creative strategy as well as many other advantages for your business. For all the best branding agencies in Canada, you can visit our directory page.

Massive Media

A Canadian digital agency Massive Media has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Their branding strategies mainly include brand strategy, brand naming, brand messaging and visual identity.

Massive Media branding agency for startups

Over the years, they have partnered with a lot of ambitious, visionary organizations that understand a brand’s worth isn’t measured by the impact of its logo, but by how it lives in the hearts and minds of its audiences. They can be “the” best branding agency for your small business or startup, just tell them your expectations and let them create branding strategies beyond these expectations.

Fook Communications

Fook Communications is a branding and marketing agency based in Canada. The agency creates excellent branding that has depth and authenticity. Fook Communications creates a brand identity and a brand strategy that works for its clients by actively listening to their needs and working closely with them.

They produce branding and marketing that speaks effectively, has integrity, and inspires people to act by developing tight working relationships. With a full suite of marketing services bringing your brand to life and assisting in the growth of your business, Fook Communications can create a brand strategy to ensure you achieve your goals.

Best Branding Agencies in Europe


Located in Berlin, Mimosa is a multidisciplinary digital marketing agency. It will be easy to develop, expand or refine your brand with the help of Mimosa’s well-planned branding strategies.


Besides, they offer an array of different types of services within the field of branding and web design in the form of art direction, web design and development, launch campaigns, events, and publicity. As one of the best branding company, they will help you to build your brand reputation.

Hope this article has helped you to realize the importance of having a professional branding strategy for your startup or small business and to find a branding company appealing to your brand purposes. Don’t leave it to luck, but to the trusted startup branding agencies.

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