6 New Amazon Ad Features You Need to Know About

Recently, Amazon announced a whole bunch of new and exciting advertising features which are set to comprehensively overhaul previous Amazon advertising exploits. The online retail behemoth has always kept its latest developments tightly under wraps, but with Amazon bracing itself for some severe economic challenges ahead, this uncertain landscape has certainly played a huge part in shaping their relatively new and transparent approach to communications.

A lot of these new Amazon advertising features represent a much easier way for emerging brands and budding PPC experts to improve their visibility, and ultimately get their foot in the door in the sector.

So, with this in mind, we thought PPC Geeks would take a much closer look at these six brand new Amazon advertising features and predict what impact they may have on the industry in general.

Amazon Advertising Feature No.1: Reward-based Sponsored Display Ads

Users can now insert an Amazon shopping credit directly into their Sponsored Display ads. Customers will then receive the reward by clicking on the ad and purchasing the product.

Amazingly, 92% of adults surveyed noted that they would be more likely to interact with an ad if they were to be rewarded with an Amazon shopping credit for doing so. This shows us how vital it is to demonstrate added value when it comes to advertising your product. It is also important to incentivise your users to interact with your ad.

Nevertheless, this new type of display ad is without question one of the most exciting Amazon marketing announcements in a long while. This is due to it being a completely new feature that nobody has ever seen before. When this is introduced in the UK, we are expecting a great response.

Amazon Advertising Feature No.2: Sponsored Display Video Creative Ads

Sponsored Display Video Ads are a new device that lets creatives produce expert video campaigns that advertise their products to Amazon’s record-breaking customer base.

There’s no denying that professional video production can be expensive, but with this new feature, Google Shopping agencies at all levels can dip their toe into the professional video creation pool for just a fraction of the usual cost.

This new ad feature is certainly an upgrade on the standard video builder feature. Amazon has certainly identified the desire for more professional looking video content and are trying to support businesses with their rich media requests.

Amazon Advertising Feature No.3: Digital Signage

Digital Signage Ads are one of the newest features Amazon has launched in years. These Ads will predominantly feature in Amazon Fresh stores across the world, though these are mostly based in the US.

Indeed, while the usage of Digital Signage Ads are very low, you’d be wrong to think that they won’t be one of the most popular advertising assets in years to come.

Amazon Advertising Feature No.4: Sponsored Campaign Presents

Thanks to Sponsored Campaign Presents, Amazon has reported a 77% increase in clicks and a 29% boost in conversions.

Presents are Amazon-recommended campaign insights which include daily budgets and bidding strategies. These are now automatically included in the ads console.

Without doubt, these new features could be massively beneficial for new businesses starting out on their initial Amazon journey with a new PPC agency.

Amazon Advertising Feature No.5: Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Enhancements

Yet another new advertising feature that Amazon has added to its roster is digital subscription events for its Amazon Marketing Cloud. This includes more pre-built instructional models and the ability to manage DSP audiences within the cloud.

Indeed, this offers more actionable metrics and increased interpretation across your ad suite, helping you to operate more efficiently and freely.

Amazon Advertising Feature No.6: Amazon Performance Recommendations

Performance recommendations are in-house, usable best practices for Sponsored Product campaigns.

Performance recommendations will aim to encourage marketers to use the ads console while performance recommendations will work tirelessly in the background, constantly looking for Sponsored Products campaign tips that can be applied quickly. These tips may include new keywords or phrases to rank for or bid suggestions.

Indeed, performance recommendations will create an invaluable feedback loop for advertisers.

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