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Content marketing articles including content marketing strategies, examples, tools, ideas and best practices.


How Live Streaming Videos Can Lift Up Your Brand’s Social Media & Content Marketing

Marketing today is all about keeping it REAL-time. Here’s how you can fast-forward your brand’s content marketing strategy to success using live streaming videos. There’s no undermining the sheer power of video marketing; it’s fun, fast and most importantly effective. An extension of video marketing that’s the latest tool in a marketer’s toolbox to emerge […]


Marketing During The Holidays To A Culturally Diverse Audience

Localization is the lifeblood of global content creation. It means more than just good translation – it’s about connecting with your audience in a meaningful way, understanding their tone of voice, and demonstrating that you understand cultural nuance. It’s about truly understanding your market audience and respecting their values. During the holiday season, marketers in […]


Need Your Content Marketing To Generate Better ROI? Say Hello To Competitive Intelligence

With dozen competitors for any product/service segment, grabbing the attention of target audience remains tricky. Competitive Intelligence can help produce content that converts, sells and nurtures – All In One! Internet has done many wonders. One of them is the digitization of buyer-seller relationship. This has aided fast shopping experiences, fuss-free monetary dealings and made […]


7 Reasons Your Content Isn’t Connecting With Millennials

In a decade, millennials may have the power to rule the world. But still, there are bunch of companies trying hard to get them. These statistics and information may help to understand and analyze them. As previous generations have some seriously visible things in common, so do the millennials have today. Millennials are described as […]


12 Tips For Better User-Generated Content Campaigns

The best 12 tips for creating or improving your user-generated content campaigns. Many individuals innately distrust corporations. After all, the point of any business is to make money. Sometimes companies are fair, or even more than fair, in their prices and operations—but they can be greedy. Therefore, people always put more stock in what other […]


10 Sites To Outsource Your Content Creation

How do you promote a product or service to the target audience? How do you develop and maintain the popularity of any kind of website? High-quality content is the ultimate key to success. That leads us to a conclusion: a blog is the most efficient marketing tool you could think of. It gives you space […]

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7 Best Content Editing And Proofreading Tools

Here’s seven tools to aid content generation, editing and proofreading efforts of content creators. Writing good content is an art unto itself. It’s not good enough to throw together a blog and put it up online, you have to craft it so that it’s informative, engaging, and encourages your readers to come back for more. […]


5 Key Considerations When Integrating Viral Current Affairs Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Current viral affairs are an incomparable resource when it comes to content marketing. They basically serve on a silver platter the perfect foundations for content that has an immediate leg up; content that is guaranteed to resonate with a wide audience. Having said that, integrating current affairs into your digital strategy can be precarious ground. […]


Top 10 Content Creation Tools For Bloggers And Marketers

Our favorite pick of top 10 simple, yet effective content creation tools for bloggers and marketers in 2016! Inbound marketing is now one of the most important aspects of marketing on the World Wide Web. Long gone are the days when marketing involved getting in touch with the customers and forcing your product down on […]


How To Become A Content Hacker

This infographic will give you an insight of the strategies and examples of best content marketing growth hacks! If you’ve never heard the term content hacker before, that’s just because it’s a fairly new term. Simply, a content hacker combines the content marketing skills with the growth hacking mindset. Growth hacking is a marketing technique […]