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video marketing benefits 2016

Video Marketing Is The New Black Of Content Marketing

Word’s out – video marketing is in. Here are 5 major reasons why you should incorporate videos in your marketing efforts! Quality content has always been a sure-fire way to lure your audience towards yourself and efficiently market your brand. In the past that meant writing a great piece of blog and being done with […]


Top 5 Microsite Tips For Your Business

Looking to jump on the microsite madness bandwagon? Let these useful tips be your guide. The current trend in the world of marketing seems to spin around microsites. You can think of these as branded blogs, independent campaigns or communication platforms. In a nutshell, these are sites that sport an independent URL, design, content and […]


How Live Streaming Videos Can Lift Up Your Brand’s Social Media & Content Marketing

Marketing today is all about keeping it REAL-time. Here’s how you can fast-forward your brand’s content marketing strategy to success using live streaming videos. There’s no undermining the sheer power of video marketing; it’s fun, fast and most importantly effective. An extension of video marketing that’s the latest tool in a marketer’s toolbox to emerge […]

startup idea

Start A Startup: Idea Stage

Every startup requires a great idea and the key to success lies in finding it. Here are a few tips to help you land the golden idea! So, you’ve decided to start your own business. Now you just need an idea and you are set to go. The question is: How to come up with […]


Presenting Virtual Reality – The Future Of Marketing

It’s time for brands to get a virtual reality check and invest in this incredible platform to connect with their users on a whole new level. Computer Graphics Pioneer, Ivan Sutherland, stated, that immersive technologies such as VR could, “literally be the Wonderland into which Alice walked,” and half a century later, his prediction is […]

Creative 404 Page

Make the Right Errors – Creative 404 Pages!

A list of creative 404 error pages that promise to delight and inspire the users!  It’s always disappointing for users to accidently land on a 404 page. However, some brands master the art of errors by creating imaginative and inspiring 404 error pages that sweeten the frustration of meeting a dead-end and manage to delight […]

best food websites

5 Best Food Website Designs & What Makes Them Awesome

Brace yourself for the recipe to success in designing an amazing food website with our top 5 picks! Long gone are the days when foodies had to make do with PDF’s of menus and images of food in bad lighting. Contemporary food websites make use of a great interface design, beautiful photography, easy interface, brilliant […]

photo app prisma

The Prisma App Magically Transforms Pictures Into Artsy Masterpieces

Presenting Prisma, the new iOS photo app that’s become an overnight internet sensation for transforming pictures into incredible works of art! It’s tough for any other new app out there to get a moment of glory amidst the “Pokémon Go” gaming rage-of-the-moment, however there’s one app that too deserves the limelight – Prisma. Basically, Prisma […]

pokemon go augmented reality app

What’s Pokémon Go And Why Is It Suddenly Viral?

Here’s all you need to know about the new augmented reality app and the world’s latest gaming addiction! By now you might have already heard stories of people hunting down Pokemon at their work desks, in bathrooms, churches, hospitals, museums and pretty much everywhere you can think of. There are stories about robbers luring in […]