Top Social Media Analytics Tools for Startups and Small Businesses in 2020

Do you know how to track your audience? When it comes to social media, nothing is as simple as it seems.

There are many challenges with social media accounts and their management. So, the best solution is to get help from top social media analytics tools to have full control of your social media marketing.

Let’s imagine that you generate a social media campaign for your company in 2020. It’s for sure that you will use organic posts or spend a specified budget for a certain target audience. In the meantime, you will have spent so much effort to promote your product or services. Therefore, you need to learn and evaluate if the campaign is a success.

Well, you can’t reach your goals in a day. So, you need to consider the period that you identified for your campaign.

Moreover, the user behaviour of social media channels is also different. Thus, you should use analytics tools that may respond to your need regarding Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Youtube, etc.

Best Social Media Analytics Tools

When all is in a restricted area like our homes, we have our minds full of ideas with us. During this pandemic, you can be creative to boost your social media channels and have glamorous results for your business. If you want the hard work to keep on after this period, you need to get help from analysis platforms and reach valuable insights on your projects.

Check out the best social media analytics tools that can contribute to the digital marketing strategy of your startup or small business:

  • Measure Studio
  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Talkwalker
  • Agorapulse
  • Keyhole
  • Socialbakers
  • Brand24
  • Brandwatch

Measure Studio

Exploring social media analytics of your business accounts one by one takes time. Measure Studio lets you control all of your social media data in one place. Bring your accounts together, so you can spend your time making better content instead of making bigger spreadsheets.

With Measure Studio, you can quickly see how each post is performing, with automated benchmarks for every metric on every post, video, and story.

Sprout Social

Both building and growing your connection with your audience on social platforms are reachable goals with Sprout Social. The opportunities they present can enable you to understand and reach your audience as well as engaging your community and measuring performance with all-in-one social media management platforms.

You can try it free for 30 days and discover social media solutions. Maybe, you can get inspired by 20,000+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes that trusted Sprout Social.

Furthermore, thanks to rich social data and dashboards, you can drive strategic decision making across your business.

The time is gold so you can stop guessing and see the results on real-time data. In the end, you can prove ROI and inform strategy with the help of Sprout Social.

Imagine the future of your business like it’s just minutes or days away, and understand today for planning your upcoming social media campaigns. With Sprout Social, you can access the metrics easily and measure results.

Cross-network of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest analytics let you see the full picture to analyze the health and success of your entire social strategy and get advantaged against your competitors.


Maybe you know inside, and you see that your audience never leave you alone on your social media accounts. However, for your business growth, you need to prove your social media impact. Hootsuite lets you do all by creating and exporting custom reports so that you can see results with their social media analytics.

Start your free trial or compare plans that fit your business the best. Free trial provides an expanded suite of tools for your social media marketing team.

How can you give life to numbers? When those numbers are the data of your marketing efforts, you can see it come to life with powerful analytics features of Hootsuite.

Here are the top features of Hootsuite that you can use to track the performance of your social posts:

  • Building custom reports with ease
  • Tailoring your analytics toolbox
  • Seeing and sharing your results
  • Exporting reports to prove your social ROI

Briefly, prove your ROI with Hootsuite’s analytics with the largest selection of social analytics integrations and apps.


Buffer provides in-depth insights into your social media, letting you grow your brand. Moreover, you can measure your performance on social platforms and create reports. With great recommendations, you can grow reach, engagement, and sales.


You won’t get confused because, with one dashboard, you will be able to see your social media analytics and reporting.

In addition, you can track the performance of your content and create reports for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Remember that all stays in one analytics dashboard!

Analyze your own data with your own results. See the best time to post, the top type of posts that work well, and the best frequency so as not to push too much and see the line.

Ben Terry, Director of Marketing of Access Ventures mentioned Buffer with the comment as follows:

Analyze helps us work smarter, not harder. We get insight into what is working on social.

Now is the time to start using Buffer Analyze with 14-day free trial.


Talkwalker is a social media analytics tool that shares social insights with AI-powered analysis.

Furthermore, it shows the activity of your social channels, across 187 languages.

Remember that you can connect your social efforts to real business results. Therefore, instant reports can help you compare your results across every channel to discover the behaviour of your customers. Plus, they can set up a free personalized demo according to some information you shared with them.


From Agorapulse to business owners and marketing teams: “Managing social media has never been easier.”


Unlimited one-click reports are great benefits of Agorapulse for social media managers. You can determine the ROI of your engagement and accordingly generate your content strategy. Also, you can have access to their online and downloadable CSV and PPT reports. What’s more, built-in CRM lets you track your followers as well.

Give it a chance and see what you can do in a 28-days trial.


Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that helps marketers measure the impact of their social media campaigns and strategies.

If you are especially looking for hashtag tracking and influencer data, you can get the perfect service alongside with measuring your social campaigns in real-time. So, you can see the impact and create reports.

It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with a free trial. In addition, you can choose a yearly package and get 50% off discount.

They are also official partners of the major social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


Socialbakers is a unified, AI-powered social media marketing platform that you can use all the advanced social media analytics tools for your business.

They have a personalied trial letting you quickly test the platform and have an idea of how you can drive your business forward. It’s always on your choice to cancel anytime or continue with the appropriate plan for you after a 14-day free trial.

Let’s enjoy precise social media measurement and reporting so as to improve the customer experience through your social media channels.


Thanks to Brand24, you can always have an eye on your online reputation and manage it according to your social media analytics. What’s more, you can monitor your media and track your competition easily.

Save time with free sign up and experience the tool freely for 14 days with no commitment.

Sujan Patel, Founder at MailShake, Growth Marketer & Entrepreneur shared a review:

I’ve been using Brand24 for the last few years and it is by far the best monitoring tool on the market. I’ve compared it against others and they don’t even come close.

You can be sure to get world-class customer support as it is the philosophy behind their entire company.


With the products of Brandwatch, you can track your brand health in real-time. For the development of your small business, monitoring changes may be important. So, you can book a meeting with them, know their experts, and decide if you want to benchmark your performance.


In addition, other capabilities of Brandwatch are listed below:

  • Knowing what your customers think
  • Creating authentic personalized content
  • Optimizing your influencer strategy

The benefits of social media analytics for your small business and startups

Supposing that you are the owner of a startup or a small business, you aim to develop and improve your business to accordingly gain more customers and audiences. While shaping your social media strategy, your goal should not be just to promote your products. Think that you are creating a story, a long journey for your brand. You should keep creating content to catch the attention all the time. For this continuous success, you should have control of every process of your social media mediums with analytics tools.

When there is nothing left to do, social media advertising is always helpful for constant connections between people and brands. Especially unexpected times like this, when everyone is online, you can meet your audience through social media platforms.

The low budget and easy-to-manage thanks to various tools for management and analytics, social media marketing competed with traditional marketing and outdoor advertising, and it won! The digital world and internet-user consumers affected the choice of brands, ranging from startups to big companies.

Moreover, social media led small businesses and startups to see the conversions of their advertising efforts more clearly. In fact, they can see the results while their advertising campaigns are still going on, and make the relevant changes if they think it is necessary.

Present and future of social media advertising campaigns

Let’s say that you’ve decided to dedicate yourself on social media. Do you exactly know what kind of content to share and on which platform? Try it, see the results and know your own analytics with experience.

Have a clear understanding of your social media presence by monitoring and improving your performance.

In order to have a good strategy for your small business, success might come closer with a well-thought plan for your social media.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the value of social media for your business. One of the reasons is that connecting directly with your customers can be a click away. In the end, this lets you build brand awareness and loyalty.

Now you know that analytics tools can be the radar of your social media channels and let you track the effectiveness of your efforts. If you want to get more support, you can also see the best social media agencies for startups.

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