Top 9 Social Media Agencies in Hong Kong With Best Practices

There are over 3,8 billion active social media users today. So it is a must to have a successful social media marketing strategy to reach out to your next customer.

However, you have to be very careful with your tone of voice and all the content in general. You can miss your potential customer because of one word you have preferred to use in your content. Because it is this sensitive!

Remember that people will not tolerate your social media posts if they don’t like one thing in it. With just one touch, they can leave you forever by unfollowing. And all these platforms are full of your competitors who might be doing a lot better in terms of social media management.

Especially in Hong Kong, social media is much more important, because the competition is too high compared to other cities in the world.

If you do not want to leave it to chance, it is suggested working with a social media marketing agency which is the expert of this. Their know-how and experience can help you to shoot your target easily.

What are the best social media marketing agencies in HK?

  • Rabbit Studio Digital
  • DigiSalad
  • First Page Digital (HK)
  • Crowd
  • Bruce Clay APAC
  • Heydaysss
  • Taksu Digital
  • Dragon Social
  • Integrated Management Systems

Rabbit Studio Digital

Rabbit Studio is an inclusive digital agency.

Their social media marketing services include strategy, management, content marketing, data analytics and digital campaigns.


If you want to work with them as your social media marketing agency, you can easily contact them through their website for detailed information.


DigiSalad is an innovative digital agency located in Hong Kong.

They believe that digital marketing is a mixed “salad” and social media is one of the main ingredients of this salad. Moreover, they are experts at understanding the users’ needs, behaviours and the technology they are using.

Their know-how about UX reflects on all of the digital campaigns they are managing. By analyzing and understanding your brand’s potential users, they can set the best social media campaign for you. Their strategy will tell you which social media channel is the best one for you and how you should work with it.

First Page Digital

First Page is Hong Kong’s premier full-service digital agency. They are very experienced in social media marketing, especially for the platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and WeChat.


It is easy and free to ask for a social media marketing quote through their website. So don’t be shy to learn more before deciding to cooperate with them.


Crowd is an award-winning digital agency. They can be your beloved social media marketing agency.

Firstly, they are very active on their own social media channels. This means that they are quite familiar with setting up a target audience, managing social media to attract the potential buyer persona, and convert them.

You can let them know what you wish to achieve through social media and they will create a strategy for your brand accordingly. You will not regret trusting them.

Bruce Clay APAC

Bruce Clay is a digital agency based for SEO, PPC, social media management and content. With their social media strategies, their primary focus is to raise awareness, drive traffic, convert leads and build a community for your customers.

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Their social media services comprise monitoring & engagement, competitor analysis, content creation, paid social media advertising and reporting & analysis.


Heydaysss is a boutique digital agency. They have numerous case studies of Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, Facebook fan page management and even Instagram photo filter.

In their case study with Eurobeaute for Facebook fan page management, they were responsible for photo and social video shooting and content creation. In their collaboration with Pure Senses, they handled Facebook fan page, Instagram, content creation and social ad buying.

Their previous successful work with different brands from several sectors shows that they are capable of managing different aspects of social media marketing.

Taksu Digital

Taksu Digital is a digital marketing agency specialising in helping businesses to grow online.

When you decide to work with them as your social media marketing agency, they will start with getting the insights from you, doing their research upon that and then building a stragety.

Their content creation and management for social media includes account creation and branding, visual design creation, copywriting, influencer and outreach strategy. Moreover, they can support you with paid social advertising. Just let them know what your aims and expectations are.

Dragon Social

Dragon Social is a digital and social media marketing agency. As their masthead on their website says:

We Live & Breathe Chinese Social Media Marketing

Chinese social media moves fast, so do we.

It is a must for digital agencies to catch up with the new trends all the time while it keeps evolving.


Their core Chinese social media marketing services comprise content management, PR & digital media, native advertising and KOL / influencer marketing. You can enjoy exploring their case studies on their website, which will definitely help you to make up your mind.

Integrated Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems (IMS) is Asia’s leading digital transformation agency.

They can be a great partner for your social media marketing purposes. Their experience with a lot of high-quality brands will be beneficial for the strategy they are building for your brand.

It is very easy to contact them by phone or email through the information on their website.

Most of the agencies listed above can help your brand with more than just social media marketing. However, if you would like to explore more digital agencies, you can visit our list of the best digital agencies in Hong Kong.

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