Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Mobile Marketing Strategies in 2021

Mobile marketing has become a new norm in the era of digital marketing. Smartphones probably are the first thing that everyone sees when waking up and the last thing before going to sleep.

Now you realize the power of mobile marketing. Smartphones have become an integral part of our day-to-day life and constant usage of them compelling marketers to adopt mobile marketing strategies to build a customer base.

The smartphone is a small device but holding intense power to spread positive words about the brand. Statista said that there will be 3.8 billion smartphone users across the globe; hence, mobile phones have become more important, whether you want to chat, search the Internet or promote a product.


The wide access to the Internet has played an important role in popularizing mobile marketing. Earlier, companies used to spend a million bucks on television commercials, but now they are heavily investing in digital marketing services as it is the popular way to reach a large audience.

As smartphone users continuously grow and people are purchasing products online, mobile marketing has come into the limelight. Here we will discuss solid reasons why you need to begin with mobile marketing. But before that, let’s understand the meaning and have a look at some statistics that reflect the power of mobile marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a type of marketing that allows brand owners to connect with customers directly. This marketing strategy aims to reach customers on smartphones or tablets through social media, apps, websites, emails, and any other form of communication.

Source: Fluent

Penetration of smartphones in daily life and wide access to the Internet are the key reasons that convince marketers to pay more attention to mobile marketing.

Irrespective of business size and type, mobile marketing offers many benefits, such as it opens the door to a global audience and allows you to reach customers instantly. Besides, customers can instantly connect with the brand, which makes marketing an ongoing activity for customers to assist.

Marketing has been evolving due to changing customer’s preferences and innovation in technology; all you can do is adopt new changes and follow a dynamic approach to capture more valuable leads for your business.

How Much Internet Traffic Is Mobile in 2021?

In 2021, mobile devices accounted for, on average, more than half of Internet traffic worldwide.

By Search Engines

  1. Apple’s Safari stands top as the most popular choice among all internet users across the USA.
  2. The recent figures reveal that more than 55.11% of all US smartphone users use Safari to access the Internet, and Google Chrome is the second with 36.67%.
  3. DuckDuckGo ranks third, with 65% of its users using their smartphones to access the DuckDuckGo search engine.

6 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Consider

Now you must have realized why mobile marketing is important, and overlooking it might cost you more than you think. Still not convinced? Here are a few statistics that prove mobile marketing is pivotal for your business’s success.

Did you know that more than 88% of customers who conduct a local search on their mobile phones visit a place on the same day?

Among them, 43% of people are searching for new restaurants more than any other industry including manufacturing, entertainment, retail shops, hotels, and many more. Therefore, food business owners willing to invest in mobile restaurant marketing as it can boost the bottom line and stand them tall in the competitive environment.

Why Mobile Marketing Matters in 2021?

Smartphones have become entrenched in today’s life, with over 3.5 billion mobile phone users across the globe. Today, a large fraction of the population has been accessing the Internet on their smartphones, which ultimately leads to a hike in Mobile marketing. Here we have mentioned some reasons that would explain why mobile marketing matters in coming years:

Connect with Your Target Audience Anytime, Anywhere

To access the Internet, people generally use PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, but smartphones have been increasing across all demographics. It can be said that people are carrying a whole world inside their pockets and connect with the world whenever they want.

Brands can take advantage of this and connect with their target audience via mobile marketing, no matter what product or service they are offering. With targeted advertising, marketers can run smart digital campaigns to improve conversion rates. Unlike traditional promotion, a targeted marketing strategy enables you to spread words about your product in front of a specific demographic.

The prevalence of the data makes it easier for marketers to segment users and publish content according to their preferences. This eventually lets brand owners target their market more quickly and connect with them more personally.

Leverage Multiple Marketing Channels

This is great about mobile marketing as you can implement all terms for marketing to connect with your target audience. There are many interesting channels and strategies you can adopt to entice users, such as:

Mobile Websites

As said above, more than half of the website traffic comes from mobile phones as it is a quick way to get information about any brands. That’s why investing in mobile-friendly sites is crucial. 

Mobile Apps

According to data revealed by App Annie, more than 92% of Android mobile time is spent browsing some kind of app. Marketers harness the power of this and engage with customers in a more personalized way to boost brand awareness. 

SMS Marketing 

One of the surveys said, more than 68% of popular brands still think that SMS marketing gives optimistic results and an easier method to communicate with customers. So yes, creating an SMS marketing strategy is suitable for business success. 

QR Codes

QR codes are gaining popularity in mobile marketing. For instance, when you visit Inox or PVR, you must have seen some black and white boxes in front of your seat. Yes, it’s QR codes; it is easy for users to visit a website and order products as they no longer need to type the whole link. 

Advertisement on Games

When you are near to hitting the target while playing a game and suddenly ads pop up on the screen, it can be an annoying but very effective way to reach a large audience.

Growing Demand 

The mobile industry has been growing at an exponential rate and won’t slow down soon. There are many key reasons for this enormous growth; among them, one solid reason is companies across the globe manufacturing affordable smartphones and telecommunication companies offering cost-effective data plans.

So more people now can afford smartphones, and this is helping a brand manager get started with mobile marketing. As more and more people will access smartphones in the next decade, more brands will curate mobile marketing strategies to generate more sales.

Mobile Marketing Boost Search Engine Rankings

Popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., boost search rankings for the website if it has a strong presence on social media channels. Having your website attracted to your Facebook account means both your Facebook profile and website will appear when someone searches for it. It increases your business visibility and puts your brand on the edge. 

More Personal 

These days, people consume more content through smartphones, which is why information received on smartphones feels much more personal than on desktops. This helps brand owners to create something more personal, and a personalized marketing campaign often gives incredible results. 

Mobile Marketing Is a GameChanger 

Indeed, mobile marketing is an important segment of the flourishing digital marketing world. Mobile marketing is here to stay, and researchers have claimed that it will gain a bigger position in the coming years. From shopping to food to services to groceries to even for communication, increasing penetration of smartphones proves a gamechanger in the digital world. 

Brands that are still waiting and lack mobile marketing strategies will find it challenging to climb abroad. So what are you waiting for? Opt for mobile marketing today and reap exclusive benefits. 

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