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Best Online Survey Tools

Survey tools allow users to create surveys, share them online, report and review the results in real time. Find out the best online Survey Tools for agencies and marketers to ease the survey creation process while capturing the audiences’ opinions.

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  • conjointly-online-survey-tools


    Market Tests by Conjointly empower you to perform iterative and agile testing of creative and generative content by launching a test in minutes, with results within two hours.

  • Core

    Survey your target group and get insights, benchmarks and KPIs about your brand, product or concept.

  • smartsurvey-survey-tool


    SmartSurvey provides a customer-first approach survey software and delivers advanced features to suit market needs.

  • aidaform-survey-tool


    Gather valuable insights, conduct survey research, collect customer feedback and make conversational surveys that get more responses with easy-to-use AidaForm.

  • happyforce-survey-tool


    Happyforce is survey software that enables honest and transparent communication between organizations and employees.

  • survio-survey-tool


    Survio provides a free and easy tool for any type of online survey. The platform provides plenty of ready-made survey templates, layouts and styles.

  • limesurvey-survey-tool


    LimeSurvey is the leading open-source survey tool promoting worldwide equal access to networking with people and generating new insights.

  • surveylegend-survey-tool


    SurveyLegend offers the next generation of online surveys - engaging and platform-independent. SurveyLegend makes sure your surveys look astonishing on every device.

  • survey-anyplace-survey-tool

    Survey Anyplace

    Survey Anyplace helps you create surveys, quizzes, and assessments that return personalized advice in the final screen, through email, or in a branded PDF report.

Which Are The Best Survey Tools for Agencies?

If you want to be a step ahead of your competitors, online survey tools will definitely make you satisfied. These platforms create and promote online surveys, polls and quizzes to deeply understand your customer needs. Getting help from the best survey tools also helps keep your audience engaged.


The market offers numerous solutions including survey tools for agencies, eCommerce stores, all sizes of businesses, nonprofit organizations, students and more. The essential features of survey tools consist of multiple choice of ready-to-use survey templates. Along with the survey creation feature, they also help evaluate the responses and report them in real time. As survey tools help make your market research easier, you can take this convenience to the next level by using their drag and drop editor. The editor lets you create a survey in minutes.


In this highly competitive market, it is possible to find out the rising demand for free survey tools in addition to paid ones. One of the best free online survey tools Google Forms lets everyone create custom surveys and questionnaires. Its free services also cover Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. No doubt that this variety of web-based solutions make Google Forms one of the best online surveys tools as well. If you are more into looking for advanced solutions like creating unlimited surveys in different languages, real time advanced reporting, rich data visualization you have a place to find the best survey tools.


Not only does a survey tool offer to create custom surveys but it also helps get customer feedback from both your loyal and potential customers. This feature matters most to eCommerce store owners, as they want to measure customer experience. From the digital agencies perspective, survey tools help them collect their client feedback.


Since pricing is one of the most important determining factors, before investing in an online survey tool you should bear in mind the free plans. While a free version lets you try out the features within a limited time, a paid version offers custom solutions without any limitations. Luckily almost every platform gives you a chance to get more experienced with the tool providing free trials. This process also helps you try different survey tools for agencies at the same time for making healthy decisions. There is no point in paying for features that you will never use.


Another determining factor is to check if survey tools offer a variety of integration solutions. As the importance of social media has gone wider and wider, easily integrated survey tools help measure customer satisfaction, collect data and capture the market research.


Below, you can find the best survey tools for agencies and marketers. The final words will be yours, as each business has its own unique needs.

What Are The Advantages of Using Online Survey Tools?


Rich Features

Before investing in survey tools, you should specify both must-have and nice-have features you would like to have. Having a wide range of features doesn’t always mean better outcomes. A great survey tool should be optimized for mobile devices and offer custom templates, an easy-to-use interface, advanced reporting, integrations, and 24/7 customer support.


Various Integrations

Having various useful integration abilities plays a crucial role. Users would like to review surveys in real time, get instant insights with reports, collect or import data from Google Sheets and more. At the same time, CRM and email integrations also can provide great convenience. You should keep in your mind that while some survey tools offer unlimited integration options, some provide a few.


Easy-to-use for Everyone

The platform should be clear and easy to even first-time users. If they spend too much time learning how to use it, even if it offers incredible features, nothing will matter. The drag and drop editor and bulk editing features shine on here as they provide convenience for creating unlimited surveys. So, choosing an easy-to-use survey tool makes you one step ahead.



While conducting a survey, costs are always an important consideration. As you can create hundreds of surveys, quizzes or polls in one blow, the platform should help save you time. In this way, it lowers the costs as well because you do not need an interviewer or a place.


Extensive Reach

Survey tools allow you to expand your reach to the entire world only by using an email address and a survey link. Since online survey creation became a more popular option, it will dramatically expand their reach. You are no longer limited by time zones or people in a specific geographic location.


More Accurate Results

Convenient data gathering gives you more accurate insights if you are doing market research. Having a high response rate, design and edit flexibility and real-time access are just a few of the things that help you conduct more accurate surveys.

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